Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Always - The Godzilla Trailer

I saw a trailer about a Godzilla 2009 film on Youtube some time ago.  The trailer looked like a remake of the original Godzilla as it was set in 50's or 60's Japan with lots of atmosphere and fleeing people.  It looked pretty darn good, including the Dragonball Goku type thing happening at the end.  I kind of figured it was semi-official, but of course there was no movie ever released.

Well, mystery solved, years later.  I saw the beautiful poster for Always 3 and a sublink to Godzilla on Third Street, saw the images, and it clicked.  There never was any movie, but there was a fantastic trailer made to help promote the 2nd Always movie.  I'm actually kind of interested now in seeing the three movies, with the third coming out in 2012.  The movies look like they are "a slice of life" type movies set in the 50's and 60's or Japan's Golden Age.  They are based on a still running manga.

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