Monday, January 16, 2012

Techie Japanese Watches / Yamanote Line Souvenirs

There are some pretty nifty watches available from Japan.  Tokyo Flash and Seahope make some of the coolest ones.  The Tokyo Flash watches give me watch envy as the design work is outstanding.  You might not be able to read the watch displays without a manual but it is cool to show off.

The other day I noticed this pretty cool Kisai 7 watch that looks like something out of Tron.  It is from Tokyo Flash and seriously made me want to get one.
You can find these watches online at various web stores, but I think it would be pretty cool to actually shop for one if you happen to be in Tokyo.  While I think Tokyo Flash only has an online store, Seahope does have a store in Tokyo and another one in Yokohama.  The Tokyo store is called "two O two" and located somewhere in Shinjuku Station (I'd have to ask for directions with the printed map in hand).

One cool watch from Seahope is the Yamanote Line Watch.  It looks like the signage from the Stations and is shown below.  They have more abstract designs too, but while I like this watch it looks kind of bulky.

two O two 新宿メトロピア店
営業時間 11:00~21:00
新宿区新宿3-25-1 B1F
TEL:FAX (03)3226-4202 

Shinjuku store two O two Metoropia
11:00 to 21:00 Hours
〒 160-0022
Shinjuku, Shinjuku 3-25-1 B1F
Metoropuromuna Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Shinjuku

Map to Shinjuku Station two O two store

UPDATE: 2013/02/25 - I spent 40 minutes running around Shinjuku Station trying to find the two O two store.  No one I asked at the other stores that were on the map or at information could show me where it was.  I'm assuming it has moved or something.  So hunt for it only at your peril as I'm not sure where it is.

While we are on the subject of the Yamanote Line Watch, I have to love how the railway / train companies over there manage to make mass transit cool and trendy.  They have help from trainspotting otaku who love trains, but everyone likes the Yamanote Line.  There are many wonderful souvenirs for the Yamanote Line ranging from toys, key chains, and even electronic coin banks that play the sounds from the stations. While I was in Tokyo I rode the Yamanote Line a great deal to get around as it is a great way to access much of central Tokyo and a great way to get to Akihabara or Ikebukuro.  I'm right into all these souvenirs too.  This link will take you to a web site that plays the Yamanote Line train announcements.  Below, there are a few more photos of Yamanote Line loot that could be bought.

Toy Train With Colors and a Pinky Street Figure   Flickr / Cat
Closeup of the Green Stripes Train of the Yamanote Line   Flickr / Cat

Yamanote Train Car Bank    Flickr / Danny Choo

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