Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Supertrees and Futuristic Cities

Singapore Supertrees
Way to the south of Japan is the tiny, but prosperous nation, of Singapore.  In the business district of the city are man-made supertrees located in Bay South Garden Park that just opened in June of 2012.  This garden is part of a Singapore National Parks initiative called Garden by the Bay which is supposed to create sustainable gardens with technology and nature elements.

Flickr / BaboMike

These are giant trees between 25 to 50 metres high (as big or bigger than a life sized Gundam!)  made of reinforced concrete and steel with vertical garden panels, massive numbers of LED lights powered by solar panels.  During the day, they act as temperature moderators by acting as a tree-like canopy that sucks up solar power, and provide a spectacular light show at night. Sky bridges connect some of the trees together for a great view of the gardens below. It's been a long time since I've been to Singapore but I know I'd make a trip to see this wonder the whenever I get there next!
Pretty Lights!   Flickr / williamcho
These cool supertrees are very pretty to look at and they also remind me of these awesome Beobob trees from Madagascar.

Lilypad Floating Cities
The Lilypad floating city, by Vincent Callebaut, is a design concept for self-sustained cities to house refugees who have lost their low lying homes due to rising sea levels from climate change.  The design is based off of a waterlily and floats on the sea.  They are huge structures with the ability to collect alternate power sources such as wind, tidal, and solar energy and even collect rain water.  They would house about 50,000 people with residential, maintenance, business, parks, and even agricultural space.  Wow, they are pretty darn cool.
Flickr / news.bn.gs

City in the Sky
These mega city towers are supposed to be tranquil oasis and living areas that spire high over our cities.  They were designed as part of the Megatropolis project in New York City and London.  The spires are based on the Lotus Flower which a beautiful and clean above the waters it grows from.  Very utopian indeed, but it does make one wonder if it would be egalitarian or for an upper class in the end. Well worth a look at so hit the link below!


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