Sunday, April 28, 2013

Canned Bread and Other Interesting Japanese Souvenirs

I thought I would show a few of the interesting souvenirs the group of us picked up in Tokyo on our recent February 2013 trip.  We bought a wide range of stuff, ranging from CDs to clothes, but these are some of the more interesting items.  Many of these are anime related as I'm an anime fan.
All types of candy and chocolate including these cute little dwarf pocky that are twice as thick as the regular ones.  Chocolate and other types of candy or gum are always a nice souvenir you can enjoy later to remind you of your trip.  The sad part is always about running out of treats.
Exclusive T-shirt and other items from the Evangelion Store in Harajuku.  I really like the designs on some the coffee mugs there.
Catbus and Jiji from the Ghibli Store.
A set of tempura food models from Kitchen Town or Kappenbashi.  We bought individual tempura and assembled them into the set displayed in the photo.
Yamanote Line coin bank found at Yodobashi Camera in the Toys.  This bank plays three different train station tunes and lights up when money is deposited.
Sushi Candy set where you make the candy from mix.  Looks cool and tastes good.
A Mei and a super extended catbus from the Ghibli museum.  The Ghibli museum shops have some exclusive merchandise.
Ramen noodles that you cannot buy here.  I'll actually be doing a post on instant ramen in the future. This Raoh ramen from Nissin is a pretty deluxe bowl of ramen with real meat, bamboo shoots, and veggies.
Evangelion canned bread from the Anime Center in Akihabara.  The plastic lids on top also have markings on them so you can cut a slit in them and use the can as a coin bank afterwards!
Close up of the can. Rei and Unit 00.
After you pull the top off.  You see dessicant and a nicely wrapped bread.  Has a very bready smell.
The bread - I think they actually bake it in the can.
You pull the bread out of the can by the paper.
You unwrap the bread.
Closeup of the bread.

I was kind of skeptical about this bread myself.  The Rei one was a strawberry flavoured bread and the other Unit 00 themed can was a plain bread flavour.  The stuff has a shelf life of about 6 months and actually tastes pretty good.  The texture of this bread is kind of like the cheaper / non-flakey croissants you can buy at the supermarket with a nice similar bready, croissant flavour.  It was okay to eat and I'll pop the other one open before its expiry and chow down on it too.
A whole set of 10 cm high Evangelion Figures.  You buy these in sealed boxes so it is kind of random getting what you want.  I bought an entire box that will contain two sets in some random packing order.  There are shops where you can buy opened boxes or a set that has already been opened.  These were nicely detailed and run about $6 each.
Link to another post I did about Japanese Souvenirs.


  1. Ghibli Store? Is this the one at the Museum or somewhere in Tokyo? I sooo want to buy something from there ;o;

  2. There are a few stores to buy Ghibli merchandise. Kiddyland has a decent section and you'll even find some at Tokyu Hands and other stores in malls. I only know of two larger official Ghibli stores. There is one at the Ghibli museum (which has exclusive merchandise - like the stretch Catbus (or Cattrain?) fromm the Mei and the Catbus short. The other one is outside on the third level of the Solomachi Mall at the base of the Tokyo Skytree. Look for it on the maps at the mall.

    BTW are you in Tokyo right now? If you are, can you confirm if the Giant Gundam is still up at Odaiba for May? I can't figure out it it is still up or not.

    1. Never mind. Found a travelogue dated April 4, 2013 so it looks like the big Gundam is still up!


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