Saturday, April 6, 2013

Great Mini Role Playing Games In-between Your JRPG Sessions For Iphone, Ipod, and Ipad.

When I last blogged about all of the fantastic trade and hobby shows you could see in Tokyo, I mentioned that mobile games where a booming sector at the Tokyo Game Show.  For myself, I like Japanese Role Playing Games and many other types of console games, but I am finding it very convenient and fun to play shorter, but still very satisfying games on IOS.  In this post, I have compiled a list of RPG type games that I have enjoyed playing on my iPad over the last year or two.  Many of these are cheap and well worth the time and money to play.  Many of these games are from small studios who could use your support for their innovative and entertaining work.  You can also amass a nice little assortment of games on your iPad or iPhone for those road trips for very little money.

Knights of Pen and Paper
This is a fun little games.  The core idea behind this game is to reproduce a table top role playing game experience where the gamers sit at a table in front of the dungeon master who gives them quests to perform.  You can buy all kinds of weapon, spell, and ability upgrades and even fight dragons later on (I got smoked the first time I decided to go after one).  The base idea for the game was simple, but you can tell that they did put a great deal of thought into doing it well.  Very fun after a slower start to level up your characters.  Nice retro graphics too.  No need for in-app purchase.

Dungeon Block
There is a whole genre of connect 3 or four type puzzle dungeon games that started out with Puzzle Quest (I think).  These can be very challenging when they work on a timer and Dungeon Block: Girl Rescues Knight is one of them.  I like the graphics in this game, and it is quite a bit of fun to play once you wrap you head around the mechanics of making these huge long strings of attacks for more powerful combos.  It works differently than Dungeon Raid and Dungeon Story and can be frustrating at the higher levels - but I finished it without in-app purchase - Princess Saves Knight!

Dungeon Raid
This was a well received matching puzzler where you level up your character to see how long you can fight on.  Connect potions to restore health, swords to attack, shields to raise your armour, and coins to buy better equipment.  Elegant concept and fun to play.

Dungeon Story
This game has a concept that is similar to Dungeon Raid but puts you on a quest where you fight ever more challenging monsters as you go.  You level up, buy better gear, and slug it out with elemental damage too.  Again a fun little game I always keep on my iPad.

Tower of Fortune
Tower of Fortune is a retro graphics dungeon slot-machine game.  I usually avoid the slot machine games as they only try to get you to sink money into them, but these dungeon slot games give you a low cost way of getting your slot-machine fix and have some genuine fun at the same time.  I played this game a great deal and managed to get all three endings.  You need to get keys to unlock the final boss battle and to fight it again to get all three endings.  When you get a chance to get a free key after defeating certain monsters you take it!  Also, look out for the bosses on each level as they get tougher each time you play against them (you can randomly meet a boss every time you play a level again - you will have to grind).

I like the retro-LCD graphics that are in use in this game.  The bar brawls and recovering your strength at the bar / inn was a nice touch!

King Cashing
This is a more complex dungeon slot than Tower of Fortune with snazzier graphics.  The combat system in this game is fairly complex as there are different types of weapon / attack combos to achieve.  You can also buy and equip better gear as you go that gives you better odds in the slot machine combat.  The first screen shot shows a bit of the map with some limited branching on your journey to defeat the final boss.  I found this game pretty fun too and it occupied my time for quite awhile.  If you're looking for a dungeon slot machine game - this one is a keeper.  I beat the boss too without any in app purchase.

Keep on gaming!

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