Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anime Apps - Hatsune Miku Flick, Amairo Clock, and Bullet Hell From Cave For Iphone and Ipad.

A short post about some anime related apps that are clocks and games today.  This is the one thing that Iphones and Androids have going for them.  This vast amount of stuff to download, often for free, but it is usually still cheaper than buying a $20 to $40 game for a PS Vita or Nintendo DS.  The only drawback are the touch controls which are not suitable for all types of games, but the ones I have listed today work just great for touch!

More anime and Japan apps lists here.

Mirai Inc
Looks like Danny Choo just partnered up with Yuzusoft to produce an even more interactive clock with 4 cute anime girls that will talk to you when you touch them (appropriately I trust).  It'll even speak the time in Japanese so you can learn it and you can shoot your own background to use.  Big app though at 500 MB.*clock/id625672662

Miku Flick
A Hatsune Miku game... Yeah!  But  This looks like an interesting little rhythm game where you can flick different letter in English or Japanese characters in beat to the music.  Was very popular in Japan for a bit. The better you do, the more songs you unlock.  But wait, did I say it was a little game earlier? Whoops.  It is actually over a gigabyte to download, so it is pretty large.  There is also a Miku Flick 2.

Cave is a famous Japanese company for making bullet hell shooters.  These are arcade games, often top down where you fight off wave after wave of enemies, power up your fighter, and then take on the boss for the level.  They're called bullet hell as you have to watch the patterns and weave in and out of the mass of shots the baddies fire at you.  I'm only okay at this stuff, but still enjoy playing them for every once in a while.

Make sure you have the storage to download these games and make sure your IOS device will run them as they seem to really tax your system.  Cave has demo versions available for you to try first to make sure it'll work on your older device and all that - so demo first before you buy to make sure you're not wasting your cash as these shooters are not cheap, but they're good. They have more than I listed, so check them out on itunes.

DoDonPachi Resurrection HD

Bug Princess 2


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