Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Fun Craft - Japanese Candy Toy and Snack Box Collage Art (Evangelion, Gundam, Pocky, and More)

Over the last ten years I've been collecting just the front side portion of various candy boxes, candy toy / blind boxes, and other snack boxes.  Half the fun for getting something from Japan is the packaging and it seemed like such a waste to throw it away sometimes.  I really like the fact that the Japanese still use cardboard boxes for many of their products instead of just a piece of printed plastic wrap.  The product often looks very nice with the box too and it is a good way to promote the products.  Anyhow, over many hours, I made these collages out of the very pretty pictures of the boxes by gluing them to foam core board and was going to put the darn things up in the garage or some place where they could brighten up an otherwise dull wall.  There are probably a hundred different products in the pictures.
How many types of treats do you recognize?  There's Japanese Kit Kat, Pocky, Pretz, Melty Kiss, and other treats.  You'll also see tons of boxes from blind box figures.  How many of the anime series do you recognize? Some of the big ones are Gundam, Evangelion Sergeant Frog, and Macross.  I have my favourite poster out of the three shown below.  What's yours?  I'd love to read it in the comments!

Anime Collage #1 On each poster I tried to get a variety of products and types of snacks. 

Anime Collage #2  It was pretty hard to adjust all the different sized boxes to fit. Lots of cute mini-figurines in this one.  I really liked the Matcha (green tea) Melty Kiss

Anime Collage #3  I think this was actually the second one I did.  The Unagi (eel) Pretz was an interesting snack.  Those dessert Pocky are just deadly. Godzilla is front and center in this one.

I think my favourite poster is #2 for the variety.  What's yours?

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  1. Hello!

    i find this post by chance looking for japanese snacks (out of the popular ones) and i found your blog. it is a big pleasure for me to be the first one to comment

    I love teh first collage and i agree with you that it is a pity to throw away the package that is a masterpiece compared to the local brands here. they put a lot of images and colors to make them unique

    thanks for share this post

    and good luck with the blog :)


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