Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nissin Cup Noodles for 7-11, Italian Curry, and Kalbi Garlic Flavours!

Instant cup noodles are pretty popular in Japan for a quick snack or meal.  Nissin is one of the bigger instant ramen companies and they make many seasonal or limited edition noodles.  Whenever I visit Japan I always buy some instant noodles to bring home as they are hard or more expensive to import here.  The flavours and texture of the noodles are way better than what you can buy over here unless it is imported.

7-11 Exclusive Ramen Bowl
There were a couple of different types of instant ramen in bowls in the 7-11s when I was visiting back in February.  This one caught my eye as it is a collaboration with a famous noodle shop and it was nice and tasty with a pork broth flavour.  The neatest thing about this ramen was the inclusion of a little umi or pickled plum!  You can see from the pictures below there are plenty of ingredients, including a slice of pork to go with it.  The ramen was about 300 yen or $3 if I remember right.  This ramen hit the spot nicely one late night in the hotel room (you burn a lot of calories walking all day).

Italian Curry Cup Noodle
This was an interesting taste combination as it added tomato powder to the curry powder to produce "Italian Tomato."  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it actually tasted pretty good.  The combination was a little like a chili soup with a good dollop of tomato flavour with a curry base.  Definitely was enjoyable.  As you can tell from the pictures below there were pieces of potato, corn, green beans, cabbage, and freeze dried tomatoes (some of which melted into the soup).

I like the texture of the noodles.

Kalbi Big Cup Noodle
This instant cup noodle comes in the bigger size cup and features roasted garlic and beef bbq!  The roasted garlic was not overpowering, but gave it a nice caramelly undertone to the soup.  I still wouldn't eat this before a business meeting or a first date, but go for it if you're going to be up late gaming or something.  There were little dried slices of beef mixed in and it was really nice.  I haven't had a cup noodle I haven't like yet, but you'll find out here if I ever do.  Again, plenty of ingredients from roasted garlic, beef, corn, lots of cabbage, to pieces of egg.

Always looks yummy!

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