Sunday, October 27, 2013

Japanese Snacks and Candy

There are all types of snacks and candy that are unique to Japan.  These range from unique local brand names, Japanese only varieties of international brands, or even the style of candy.  They have old fashioned candy like konpeito that you saw in the anime Spirited Away (fed to the soot sprites) to ultra-trendy items like Kit Kats in green tea or more exotic flavours. You can find most of this stuff in the konbini.  I've shown a small sample of these items below.  Just remember that the Japanese are pretty good at making both chocolate and coffee (aka canned coffee or kisaten coffee shops) so don't be surprised by the tasty treats and drinks you can find.
Ramune Soda, still done in old style bottles where a glass marble seals the bottle at the top.  You have to push the marble in to open the bottle.  There is a way you have to drink these to avoid having the marble block the flow of soda.  The sodas come in a range of fruit flavours with the traditional ramune (lemon flavour) being ever popular.
Kit Kat with the ever popular green tea (matcha)  flavour that always seems to be in season.
Calpis.  A kind of fizzy yogurty soda - actually refreshing in many ways.
Pretz, a type of stick biscuit with a nice light tomato seasoning.  One of my favourites.
All type of Pocky biscuit sticks.  The classic is the chocolate covered ones in the red box above, but there are strawberry and other flavours.
It's custard sponge cake.
White chocolate pocky.

Mens Pocky with darker chocolate.
Now you get green tea Collon, with the filling on the inside, not the outside.
Caplico snacks with more filling on the inside of the biscuit tube.
Chocolate and custard pies from Orion.
Some oddball potato chip flavours from Calbee. I have to say that the seafood ones are well... fishy tasting.
Cheesecake Pocky.
More biscuits.
Chewy UHA Puccho yogurt candy with these flavour bits in the middle sorrounded by whistle candies.  These whistle candies make a pretty loud whistling noise when you blow through the middle.  Puccho can be found in little packs that look like packs of gum.  Look for them at the store (they're even sold in North America now).
Seafood flavour potato chips (two kinds of lobster and then shrimp). The shrimp was pretty good, but the lobster not as good.
Traditional rice crackers, always one of my favourites.
Three flavours of Pocky.  Tropical, Matcha, and one of my favourites, Coconut.
Ramune candies. Ranging from hard candy, to super sour soda, and ramune gummy.

That's all.  I'm getting hungry just captioning this stuff.

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