Monday, November 11, 2013

A Display of Japanese Culture With Hatsune Miku and More

It is pretty obvious from this site that I like Japanese culture.  Their soft power export definitely works for me!  In the last little while we were redoing some display cases and here are a few photos of some of the displays.  The first one with a scifi Hatsune Miku in the foreground is one of my favourites!  Also, I finished my first draft of my scifi novel Neo Ace today! Hurray!  I'm now onto revisions before eventual publication at Amazon. Have a look here if you're interested in reading the draft for free or want to purchase an ebook.

I've been collecting the cute little Japanese coffee cans and other beverage cans for awhile and used them for a backdrop for the Hatsune Miku figure.  All around her are little Japanese food models from Rement of various displays you would typically find for a restaurant.  Very fun to set up, but fiddly with all of the little things and stacking.
A figure of Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere and Saber in fancy armour.  Again, there are some little models of traditional Japanese foods / meals and some tiny models of Japanese castles.

Some Japanese samurai armour, a kotatsu with all the fixins, and more little food models.  Some nicely detailed bento boxes in the foreground.
That's all for now.  I'll post another article about the little Rement food models later!  They're so detailed for their size.

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