Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cup Noodle, Pretz, and more from Candysan

I received my box of snacks and noodles from Candysan that I ordered a few weeks ago.  This is my first time ordering from them, because they sold the limited edition Brazilian Cup Noodles I had read about.  Their selection of candy / snacks, pricing, and shipping were pretty good, so I'll be giving them another order at some point.  Well here is the unboxing of the yummies I received.

There was some packing that was stripped out, but this was a nice box of Japanese yummies!  I'm still slowly working my way through it.
Here are all the candies and snacks laid out.  You have Pretz, cup noodles, cup instant rice, gummies, puccho chews, etc.
This is something I haven't tried before.  It is basically microwave, curried rice.  Everything is dried, so you add water and nuke for 3 to 5 minutes depending on your microwave.  Should be a flavour similar to their curry cup noodle.
Curry rice is apparently cat approved.
Brazilian Chicken Cup Noodle.  BBQ style with more spicing.  A World Cup Special.  More on this ramen in an upcoming post.
Brazilian Chicken Bowl Ramen, based off Nissin's famous chicken flavour.  Looking forward to this.  My daughter ate one of them and said it was yummy with a spicy peppery kick.
Three flavours of Pretz.  You have ume (plum) on the left, Beer Pretz Onion flavour in the middle, and Soy Pretz.  I've had the Soy Pretz so far and it is nice with a deep, smokey soy flavour that isn't overpowering.
Attack on Titan Puccho with a little cellphone charm in a blind box.  I got one of the Titan heads and the chewy candy with the gummy balls embedded in it is always yummy.  See my Puccho Kumamon post too. 
Ume puccho flavour Puccho.
Lemon and Lime mini gummies.
Watermelon and melon gummies that unfortunately melted into a glob due the heat in Japan or during shipping somewhere.  Still yummy, but I don't order any chocolate from Japan from May to Sept as the temperatures can get warm.

A very fun package to open and digest.  My money well spent.  I was also at the local Asian market and picked up a few additional Japanese snacks to supplement this.

Salt Pretz
Green Tea Nestle Crunch.

Areo Green Tea
Green Tea Kit Kats.  There was green tea overload going on.  I skipped out on it this time.
Pudding Kit Kats that you are supposed to bake in the oven to brown. 
Calbee potato chips.  From the left: curry, pizza, Japanese BBQ pork.
Nissin Cup Noodles from Hong Kong.  These are decent and you have seafood flavour on the left and crab on the right.
The Nissin Instant Ramen from Hong Kong.  There are some pretty good flavours now.  You have Black Garlic Oil, Shoyu / Tonkotsu, and Tonkotsu on the bottom.  All very tasty and these are the ones you can usually find in Canada.

More Puccho Fruit Chews!

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  1. hi where did you buy these i really want the attack on titan puccho's

  2. I got these from candysan and the link is at the top of the article. Like many products from Japan they are often limited editions and these would have sold out in a few months last year. Sorry.