Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nissin King Cup Noodle Chicken Karaage Tastes Great!

I managed to try the Nissin King Cup Noodle Chicken Karaage that was released in April 2015 for a limited run in Japan.  Just like the Brazilian Cup Noodles that were released last year for the World Cup, this giant cup of instant ramen won't be around forever.  I had tasty expectations for having fried chicken and instant noodles together (not the healthiest, but tasty, and okay in moderation).
This cup noodle contains about 1 3/4 times more ramen than a regular cup noodle, but the cup looks twice as large.  It is a much more satisfying light meal that is ready in 3 minutes after adding boiling water with the extra size.  Unlike the regular cup noodles that come in a nifty paper cup with an external foam layer of insulation, these cup noodles come in an oversized styrofoam cup with a thin cardboard sleeve (something that their king noodles do normally).
This cup noodle tasted really good and the chunks of chicken were fried nuggets of ground chicken that went really well with the egg, green onion, and bits of red peppers.  Definitely had a nice fried chicken taste and the broth had hints of pepper, soy sauce, and a  chicken broth.  Very nice and I'd definitely have this one again if it was regularly offered.
There are plenty of ingredients inside.  This is one of the things I like about Nissin Cup Noodles.
The egg and chicken chunks rehydrated very nicely and it looks very appealing to eat.
The chicken and eggs do look good don't they!  And I can say it tasted great.

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