Sunday, October 4, 2015

An Afternoon In Akihabara Part 3

Finally, for my third Akiba photo post, I double back a bit and have a look at the Animate Store on Chuo Dori and the Gamers just outside the Akihabara Electric Town Exit at Akihabara Station.  I finally get to visit Volks and the new Radio Kaikan Building along with the main Electric Town Exit area (that always shows up in pics).  I never did visit the main Yodobashi Camera store, on the east side of the Yamanote Line, this trip as I stayed to the west side of the station.  They have big floors of Gundam model kits, anime toys, hundreds more gashapon machines, and all the electronics you ever want to see.
The main block of anime stores on Chuo Dori on the east side of the street.  Don Quijote on the left, Anime in the middle, and Softmap on the right.
Just south of the above picture on the west side of the street.  It is where the arcades are and lots of little shops.  Behind this one block west was the little side street I went up with the Kotobukiya Store in the first post.
This corner looks pretty nice when it is lit up at night.  Big anime billboards, with Akiba Culture Zone on the right.
Yoshinoya for beef bowl and Go Go Curry next door.  More yummy food.
Yoshinoya menu.
Border Break video game.  I like the mechs and the characters.  One day, they'll do an anime.
More anime posters.
Some of the old electronics stores with no anime goods!  Just electronics parts and wires, and everything you need to build something like a time machine for Stein's Gate.
More electronics.  Who knows the resistor colour codes?  BBROYGBVGW.
Mai Dreaming Maid Cafe sign.
Electric Town Exit Area.
Electric Town Exit Area
New Radio Kaikan.  The big yellow sign lights up good.  It is a nice new building full of anime related stores.  Used and new.  Roomy and nothing like the old building featured in Stein's Gate.  I like it, but it doesn't have the same character or history.  Would have been cool if there was a display or exhibit about the old building.
AKB48 Billboard.
Vending Machines.
Vending Machines.
The colourful front of the Akihabara Gamers store.
Big crowds down on Chuo Dori later on in the day.  You can watch the metro trains pass overhead.

Gamers on the left, Volks on the right showing the Electric Town Exit street.
The konbini inside the New Radio Kaikan building.
Inside Radio Kaikan.  They sell these little 1/12 scale weapon models you can assemble for your figure or just display.
Inside Radio Kaikan. Airsoft guns.
Some custom models inside Radio Kaikan.
Gundam model kits inside Radio Kaikan.
Used trading figures you can buy to complete your collection inside Radio Kaikan.
Could have shown more anime merchandise inside Gamers, but the real highlight was this Kancolle Collection life-sized prop for Yamato.  At the Animate in Ikebukuro, I wasn't allow to take pictures, but here it was allowed for some reason.
A life-sized cardboard cutout and some stills from the anime, which wasn't bad if you like moe and miltary mixed.
More stills.
More cardboard stand ups.
They had some models of the guns from the destroyer and some fake shells.
The crowds on the Electric Town Exit looking west in the late afternoon. 
Some of the Subaru magical girls.  The animated shorts weren't bad and now it is a series.
Cut little seals!
They were advertising the anime here.  Awhile back there was an Attack on Titan popup store here in this department store right at the Electric Town Exit.
All good things end, and service had been restored for the Yamanote line for my exit.
It was a pretty good day down in Akiba.  I saw a ton of stuff and wandered to my hearts content, but you never seem to have enough time or energy or both.  That's all for now!

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

An Afternoon In Akihabara Part 2

Continuing my trip through Akihabara I'll keep heading north parallel to Chuo Dori past that Akiba Culture Center, but I detour for half a block east back to Chuo Dori to the Akiba Base (exhibition space) on the main floor of the Sumitomo Building on the corner.  I see that a 15th Anniversary Festival for Key is going on.  Key makes visual novels for computers and a number of their games have been made into anime.  I've seen the anime and really like the shows like Angel Beats and Clannad, but have never played the games.
I saw these banners and went to investigate.  Gotta keep your eyes open!
It's a Key Festival.
Angel Beats wall posters.
Angel Beasts Wall Posters and guy's school uniform.
Angel Beats girls school uniform.
Lots of attendees for stage events where you needed to buy more tickets.
They had some awesome Itasha cars outside!

Yet another building with anime pictures on it.
Lots of tasty places to eat at.
Gyros! Not donair.  Real stacks of meat like you get in Turkey and Greece.
Back up the back street.
Coco Curry.  I never did get a chance to try all the chains again.
Yummy looking curry menu.
I did eat at Sukiya though on Chuo Dori.
Yummy beef bowl.  I make it myself.  Sukiya definitely adds ginger to their recipe.
Plenty of choices on the menu and you can just point and order if you need to.
I had a extra large beef bowl with miso soup and some pickled vegetables.
Three block up from the Key exhibit is this little gashapon hall.  They have hundreds of machines and you can find capsule toys that are no longer in some of the other stores or some of the more oddball items.  I like the place.
Some of the many gashapon machines inside.

Some closeups of a few machines.
The Cospa store on the second floor.  Found some merchandise and a t-shirt here.  Further up in the building is the Cure Maid Cafe.
Lots of anime merchandise.
It was later on in the afternoon and they close off the Chuo Dori main street for awhile so it becomes a big pedestrian walk.  Lots of people down here on a Saturday.
The Don Quijote department store.  Lots of cool stuff, some at good prices and they have cosplay costumes and accessories for sale in this branch in Akihabara.  Love the narrow little aisles just jammed with stuff.
The @Home Cafe is here too.

Mogu cushions.  Very comfy.
Look at all the stuff in here.
Lots of AKB48 posters and such inside the store.  Their theatre is on the top floor and you need a ticket to go up there.
More AKB48 Posters in the escalator well.

The little tiny space by the back of the Animate store was a pit stop for the Amazing Race.  I found it, now where is Phil?
Flea Market by the UDX Building.
The UDX Building which shows up in Love Live and other shows.  You see it a lot in the Akiba's Trip Videogame.  I really like that game and how it simulated walking around Akihabara.
Anime Center at the UDX.  They have some unique merchandise and maps and such.
Anime Center t-shirts.
Anime Center merchandise.
An upcoming event.

Up on the 4th floor of the UDX is the Anime Center exhibit space.  Usually something on there every week.  There is a nice food court in this building too!
Animator's desk on display.
On the other side of the UDX building are the Gundam Cafe and the AKB48 Cafe under the Yamanote Line rail tracks.  Gundam Cafe is cool and there is plenty of fan goods in the AKB48 Cafe.
The Crossfield UDX.  You see the big screen that shows up in anime all the time.
Gundam merchandise in the store at the Gundam Cafe.  I like those Gundam mugs.
Gundam snacks.  Pretty tasty actually!
Gundam Statue
Gundam Cafe Sign

That's all for the second installment.  I'll get moving on the third and last one soon.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Akihabara is really a pretty cool neighbourhood if you like anime.

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