Sunday, March 20, 2016

When Anime Meets Reality in Tokyo

One of the things that is pretty awesome about Japan is the fact that anime and video games are set in real world locations.  So you'll recognize famous places like Scramble Crossing in Shibuya, the Tokyo Tower, Ginza, or Tokyo Station, etc., in them.
The world famous Shibuya Crossing intersection on a rainy day!
 The same kind of effect happens with New York as it shows up in so many movies and TV shows.  When you visit these places for real you get a little extra thrill when you  can imagine everything crossing over.
Anime Statue in Shibuya (temporary in 2015)
Well, here are a few trailers that bring the two together for Tokyo, blending live footage with the imaginary.  Enjoy!  Oh yeah, one more thing, things like the Goku vs. Luffy display are temporary and often never show up again, so if you run across something like that in Tokyo - you're either living there or are blessed with good fortune.

Ultraman vs Kaiju in Shibuya Trailer

One Piece Burning Blood Trailer

Goku vs Luffy Shibuya Display outside of the Parco Mall

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