Saturday, June 18, 2016

Japanese Snacks May - June 2016

I picked up a small supply of Japanese candy and treats from Candysan (online) and some local stores.  There is always a nice variety of treat to choose from and some Japanese candies are always sooo good.  The only problem is that many of the candies are seasonal or limited edition so they're always sold out in a few months.  But then, there is always something new down the road to get, so there is an up side to this type of sales.
Look chocolates are usually really good and this strawberry was no exception to this.  So really yummy.  The Quattro green tea chocolate and dark chocolate on a green tea cookie was excellent too.

These deluxe Crunchy Pockies with Green Tea or Red Bean were okay, but not my faves.
Fried green peas and a battered and roasted nut assortment to snack on with drinks!
Raspberry Kit Kats.  These are one of the limited edition spring flavours for 2016.  They are good! Really good.  The Japanese candy makers really know how to make authentic and sweet fruit flavours.
These are tasty gummy candies (another Japanese strength) that have a type of citrus flavour that was really pleasant.  Not orange, not lemon, kind of in between.  It is a Japanese citrus called hyuganatsu.
Shaved ice flavoured gummies that even look like little mounds of shaved ice with color at the top, fading to white at the bottom.  I thought these would be kind of artificial tasting, but they were really good again.  I kind of wish I had bought more of them.
Sour gummy fruits with muscat, peach, and cherry flavours.  These were also good, but the shaved ice was better!
Melon Pan type cookies with some cream filling.  The green melon ones were nice and so were the more plain sugar cookie variety.  A nice treat when you need one.  They came individually wrapped to stay fresh once you pop the bag open.
Smoked and dried squid.  I don't mind this stuff and it is like beef jerky from the sea for me, but it is definitely an acquired taste for some people.
I'm still wondering what the difference in orange flavour is for a Brazilian orange.  Haven't tried these yet.  They're probably good.
Cheezas,  I love these little cheese flavoured crackers.  There is a ton of authentic cheese flavour to these (not cheezies).  I like the black bag one (camembert) more than the gold bag for cheddar.  Awesome with a beer.
Hunter x Monster Hunter candies.  A honey flavoured candy that is also part energy pill.  You have a salaryman wearing monster hunter armour, so it is a pretty cool look.
Who knew you could have ramune (kind of lemon flavour)  flavoured white chocolate.  They look like ramune candy balls, but they are white chocolate in texture and the way they dissolve.  A strange, yet tasty, concoction.  Pretty fancy looking graphics on the package too that makes it look very high class.
Watermelon gummies that are pretty darn good.  I demolished the first bag, but ordered a couple more.  Watermelon has got to be one of the hardest flavours to get right and this one doesn't nail it either, but it is pretty good.
Samurai hard candies.  See below.
The packaging for the samurai candies is pretty cool,  it is a samurai sword with sheath.  The sugar candies inside are typical, but pretty cool packaging.  It is a candy for kids, but they would love it.
That's all for now.  If you walked into a konbini in Japan there would be dozens of other choices, so there is no shortage of variety.

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