Monday, October 9, 2017

Chinese Cup Noodles Review of Stewed Chicken and Spicy Pickled Cabbage Flavours

I received these souvenirs from China over the summer and had to try them out.  I'm not even sure who the manufacturers are, but they were supposed to be pretty tasty based on the input of some Chinese university students.  They're flavours I don't usually get so it was something different.

Stewed Chicken Cup Noodle
This one didn't survive the trip home in the luggage all that well.  As you can tell from the photos there is definitely battle damage.  Still, what was inside was still going to taste just as good as new.  This was a stewed chicken flavour and I wondered how it would taste.
Quite dented, but the photographs and the paper cup are of a nice quality.
Shows mushrooms, chicken thighs, some dried ingredients such as goji berries and a type of date or something that I've had in soup before.
Ingredients and nutritional information.
Photos of the ingredients.
You got a happy chef going on here.
One of the things I like about the Chinese cup noodles is that they often have a little foldup fork inside.  Very convenient.  You can see there is a packet of dried veggies, a dry soup mix, and a fat/liquid satchet.  Lots of stuff in this.
The cup was pretty banged up so I put the block of noodle into a ramen bowl to rehydrate in boiling water instead of possibly having hot water all over my kitchen table.  You can see cabbage, goji berries, dried mushrooms, soup powder and the liquid sachet in the photo above.
Rehydrated, the noodles and soup were pretty good.
 This was a pretty tasty instant noodle with a slightly different chicken stew taste that was a nice change.  Never had goji berries either in my instant noodles before either.  I'd have this again if it was offered!  The noodles had a good chewy texture and the veggies rehydrated nicely.

Spicy Pickled Cabbage
I really wasn't too sure about this one as I'm not usually a big fan of super spicy or pickled cabbage, but I was certainly willing to give it a try.  This also had very nice packaging and it was another paper cup of noodle.  Very attractive photography and you almost wish there were actually this many vegetables in your noodles!
Very nice purple coloured backgroun that blends nicely with the darker noodle soup.  You can see the pickled cabbage jars being highlighted.
3/4 view of the cup.  You can see it also got a little battle damaged during transit.
Ingredients and nutritional information.  You can see the face of a very happy dude giving these noodles a thumbs up.
There were lots of ingredients for this noodle.  There was a dried soup powder, a spicy paste satchet, a dried veggies packet, and a foil pouch of PICKLED CABBAGE!  This has got to be a great thing for pickled cabbage fans.
I was willing to chance that this bowl was not going to leak as it seemed more intact on the bottom end.
Very dark soup.  Could smell spicy and cabbage smells.
There's the emphasis on the fresh cabbage again!
While this cup noodle did not exactly make me want more, it was pretty spicy hot and bitter in combination with the spices and the pickled cabbage.  I finished the noodles and the cabbage and it was a different experience for me.  I'm still not a convert for these flavours and I did not have more soup than was necessary.  Still, I think people who like these flavours would probably really like these noodles.  It was a nice souvenir taste of China between the two kinds of instant ramen.

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