Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Famous Ramen Shop Kujira-ken Salt Double Seafood Stock Cup Ramen

This was an instant ramen from Sanyo Foods that I kind of decided to try on a whim.  Double seafood stock - gotta try! It is supposed to combine the rich flavours of bonito, beef, kelp, and chicken and then it is cooked twice to make the broth more intense and smooth.  Kujiraken is a famous ramen chain from Yokohama that focuses on a bonito/sardine base that is blended with pork bone and chicken and another soup base.  The seafood flavour is supposed to come out on top but gets it mellowed and blended with the other flavours.  They also specialize in a thinner Chinese style noodle.
Quite an attractive cup design with big bold lettering to let you know it is double seafood stock.  The soup looks very thick and creamy in the photo.  Japanese lettering with black and red colors always seems to pop nicely.
Seasoning oil sachet included.
Kujiraken's logo is centered in white print on the lid.
Lifting the lid you see thin noodles, little pieces of beef, lots of green onions and menma (dried bamboo shoots).
Zoom out...
Side view of the cup which is an oversized cup.  Like BIG Cup Noodle in size.
Photo of the restaurant.
Ingredients and nutritional information.
After rehydrating with boiling water for three minutes you get a nice looking mix of noodles, meat, bamboo, and green onion.
Nice looking noodles with a naruto fish cake that was also in the cup.
So, how did it taste?  It was definitely seafoody / fishy.  It actually really reminded me of the Nissin Cup Noodle Seafood Flavour out of Hong Kong.  It was more intense / salty?  Not a bad thing as I like this flavour, but not quite the bigger tastebud bang I was expecting either.  The noodles were nice and firm enough too.  A decent cup noodle overall.