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It was just over a year ago I reviewed Nissin's Big Cup Noodle Mystery Meat Festival.  Well, this year they brought it back for a limited time and I managed to score a couple after visiting a dozen konbini in my trip to Tokyo - they were rare.  This year it is called Big Cup Noodle Mystery Meat Festival W.  Why the W?  It is because this time, they have white and dark mystery meat.  The white meat was just introduced in 2017 and is made out of chicken, while the dark meat has been around forever and is made from ground pork. Just like last year, the cup is chock full of little meat cubes for a meat festival of taste.

The cup is decorated in a fashion like last years and I actually have an example of last years and this years cup saved in a display case as they're pretty unique for Cup Noodle.  As in a regular cup of noodle, other than the fact that BIG cup noodles are like 1.5 times larger, the cup makes extensive use of a white background with black and red print.  Other colors such as gold and yellow are used strategically and it produces a very nice looking cup to the eye.  The cool thing about this cup, other than the mystery meat, is the colorful little graphics of people running around with mystery cubes. 
View of Big Cup Noodle Mystery Meat Festival
Very pretty side view
The lid
Another side view where you can start seeing the graphics of the little people.
Ingredients and a little blurb about why it is Meat Festival W with the white cubes of chicken.
Manufacturers info and a closeup of people running around with meat cubes.
All kinds of people and is that a little devil in the top left.  Someone is also floating away on a meat balloon.
There's a higher fat content in this one at 23 grams, but have it for lunch or something.  I don't worry about sodium much as I have that under control.
Closeup of the meat explanation.
This is the fun part of the package.  There is a knight with a cup (maybe he thinks it is the grail), baseball player throwing cubes, a grandma, a sumo carrying a big block, a witch, a soldier, and all kinds of characters.
People are dancing in the street here.  There is a waiter, a ninja, dancer, a mom with 2 kids, a train conductor and even santa himself.  Lots of fun.  Folks and beings from all walks of life celebrate Cup Noodle.
2 kinds of meat cubes.
We have people in Japanese garb, a devil, a king, a kid with a slingshot, a magician?, a delivery man, men in suits here.
Finally, an inside view of the cup.  Look at all of the meat cubes!  Plenty to go around.
Closeup of the cubes with lots of green onions too.
Add your boiling water and wait 3 minutes.
There is is ready to eat and all hydrated.  You can barely see the noodles underneath.  This is going to be good.
Lots of meat and onions.
The cup of noodle was delicious.  The noodles are the standard for Nissin Cup Noodles, being wider than they are thick, but firm and yummy regardless.  The soup was the standard soy based broth in regular cup noodle, but amped up with all of the extra flavour from the cubes of meat.  I like the pork cubes for their flavour - they are seasoned, but I have to say the flavour in the white meat cubes was mild - so mild I could barely taste them over the soup.  This was a tasty treat - great when watching anime and I really enjoyed eating them.  P.S. It's January 1 too, so Happy New Year!!
Lots of meat cubes and lots of noodles as it is a BIG cup.
Nice looking noodles and meat cubes.  Like little meat balls.

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