Sunday, September 1, 2019

Tokyo Intro - Sights, Stories, and Pop Culture for Visitors Updated!

Updated for 2019

Visiting Tokyo soon?  My book Tokyo Intro: Sights, Stories, and Pop Culture provide a wealth of background information for a visit.  It uses an innovative approach to learning about modern Tokyo by using short stories to introduce the city and culture along with detailed listings about top attractions to see and experience.  This book discusses modern Japanese pop culture, its influence on the west, and blends this information with fun facts about the Tokyo.

Updates include the following and more:
  • Ameyoko Market
  • New Food Entries
  • New MUJI in Ginza
  • Shibuya Changes
  • Tsukiji Inner Market closure (wholesale market)
  • Underground Tokyo
There's plenty to see and do in the big city, and the information in the book will help you pick the things you would like to experience and put some context behind them.

Read Neko Astray, a complete intro and short story from Tokyo Intro.

The e-book is now available on Amazon Canada and USA.

Supplements to the Tokyo Intro book
Supplement #1 - Simplified Tokyo Train Map for Tokyo Stories
Supplement #2 - Sights and Experiences Checklist for Tokyo Stories
For more information on Tokyo, visit my travelogue page with this link.

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