Saturday, December 1, 2012

Evangelion's Rei and Asuka Figures Homage

I have a few Rei and Asuka figures in my collection as I am a big Evangelion fan (even though there's quite a bit of angst in the show as everyone seems to be emotionally damaged).  I've found that the story still resonates with me after a decade of fandom so it has to be pretty good.  The reboot movies 1.11, 2.22 are quite good and it'll be good to see the 3.33 movie whenever it leaves Japan finally.
Having the figures is a fun way to bring the show to life and it is pretty interesting to see a 2D figure represented as a 3D sculpture.  Anime and anime figures seem to have gained momentum over the years, but the figures have risen in price too.  

Now for a brief show of the figures.  I've found that the cosplay figure variants are pretty fun too!

This Asuka and Rei in their plugsuits are 1:6 scale version from Alter and were some of my earliest purchases.  Wounded Rei seems to always be popular and eyepatch Asuka will probably be popular in the future.  These are probably eight years old now and much more dramatic poses and such are now common.

This was a series of three UFO catcher machine prizes, with the Mari being released much later.  I believe the figure series was titled "Seat of the Soul."  These are about 1:10 scale with a basic pilot couch included for each figure.  I kind of like these figures as they have a nice level of detail about them, but Rei is the only figure that looks the other way so it is difficult to pose the three in a display.

You have to love the UCC canned coffee promotional tie-ins with Evangelion.  I though this particular series with the bases that attach to the tops of the collectable coffee cans particularly well done.  You kind of get a nice display base and a figure topper!

Here is a series of cosplay variants of Rei and Asuka.  They are ninjas on the left, and special forces troopers on the right.  These are fun little 1:10 scale figures with a medium level of detail that are a nice little addition.

Here are a couple of nurse type variants of Asuka and Rei.  They can take my temperature any time.  I really liked the hypodermic needle base that sticks up out of a pack of prescription medication.  A nice touch at 1:8 scale for the set.

Here are a couple of artsy / gothic variants of Rei and Askuka with angels to boot.  They are Grimrock figures from a Wonderfest in the early 2000s.  Still a couple of my favourites.  They are about 1:10 scale in size.

These two figures are a couple of my favourites with the two cosplaying as witches.  Evangelion meets Kiki's Delivery Service! Again, these are UFO catcher prizes that have a medium level of detail but I love the way they were sculpted.  They action poses and many nice touches(such as the cat and the hat flying off) are pretty good.  About 1:10 scale.

Finally, a couple of Evangelion units and some gashapon figures by Sadomoto.  These figures are tiny but they are nicely detailed.  I like the fact that the bases were interlocking.  I couldn't get the Rei, but a special request when I ordered some figures from Animenation got it for me (they picked one out for me all those many years ago - I really appreciated it!).

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