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This is a selection of my Japanese pop culture posts, see the Anime menu item above for anime related posts.  They cover a wide range of interesting topics that are current or historical. Everything from music to food is covered.

Tasty Japanese treats at the supermarket.
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  Instant Ramen 
  1. Nissin Pop Culture (The Fame of Cup Noodles) 
  2. The Culture of Ramen: Instant Ramen to Ramen Shops
  3. The Original Chicken Ramen - A Taste of History 
  4. Nissin Big Cup Noodle Extravaganza  
  5. Nissin King Cup Noodle Chicken Karaage Tastes Great!
  6. Cup Noodle Vegeta Cabbage and Bacon Is Yummy!
  7. Nissin Cup Noodle Vegeta Tonkotsu = More Veggies!
  8. Cup Noodle Fun With Pokemon and One Piece
  9. Nissin Kitsune and Tempura Instant Ramen + King Chicken Cup Ramen
  10. Tasty Nissin Instant Ramen - Deluxe Versions
  11. Nissin Cup Noodle Shio Ramen and Big Cup Chicken Ramen with Summer Curry Tomato
  12. Nissin Cup Noodles for 7-11, Italian Curry, and Kalbi Garlic Flavours!
  13. Donbe Big Tempura Udon and Nissin Instant Chicken Ramen Bowl
  14. Nissin Halloween Cup Noodle Pumpkin Potage and Donbei Black Curry Udon
  15. Kare Udon and Ace Cook Super Cup Satay Review 
  16. My Travelogue Post To The Yokohama Nissin and Ramen Museums. DIY cup of noodle!
  17. Menraku Instant Bowl Ramen
  18. Soon Veggie Cup Noodle and Nissin XO Sauce Bowl Ramen Review
  19. Nongshim Seafood Oolong Men Cup Noodle plus Acecook Tonkotsu and Shoyu Bowl Ramen 
  20. Brazilian Cup Noodle and the World Cup
  21. Nissin Deluxe Instant Ramen Bowls
  22. Nissin Craftsmen Instant Ramen Bowls
  23. Nissin Morizumi Limited Edition Cup Noodle 
  24. Nissin Curry Meshi (Instant Rice Bowls)
  25. Nissin Big Cup Noodle Mexican Chili Cheese and Samurai Don Instant Kettle Rice with Tofu 
  26. Nissin UFO Garlic Black Pepper Instant Yaskisoba
  27. Nissin UFO Squid Noodles and Nissin UFO Salty Pork
  28. Nissin UFO Shanghai Oyster Sauce Yakisoba Bowl Noodles
  29. I Try Big Cup Noodle Mystery Meat Festival
  30. Nissin Bowl Noodles Tonkotsu Wakayama Style
  31. Nissin Donbei Curry Udon Cup Noodle Review
  32. Nissin 45th Anniversary Matcha Green Tea Seafood Cup Noodle Review
  33. Nissin 45th Anniversary UFO Noodle Ume Cha Yakisoba Review
  34. Nissin 45th Anniversary Donburi Sukiyaki Udon Review
  35. Famous Ramen Shop Series Nakiryu Dan Dan Cup Noodle Review (Michelin Star winner)
  36. Nissin Cup Noodle Canned Emergency / Survival Ration Review
  37. Chinese Cup Noodles Review of Stewed Chicken and Spicy Pickled Cabbage Flavours 
  38. Famous Ramen Shop Kujira-ken Salt Double Seafood Stock Cup Ramen
  39. Nissin Chicken Ramen Lemon Pepper Big Cup Noodles
  40. Nissin Big Cup Noodle Mystery Meat Festival W
  41. Famous Ramen Shop Konjiki Hototogisu Cup Noodle (Ramen Walker #1 Shop in 2016)
  42. Nissin Big Cheese Tomato Potato Pizza Cup Noodle
  43. Nikujirumen Susumu Akiba Cup Noodles by Nissin
  44. Nissin IPPUDO Hong Kong Style Spicy Shrimp Cup Noodle Review
  45. Shoyu Chicken Ramen Cup by Noodle Lab Hiro
  46. Sanyo Nagasaki Chanpon Cup of Noodles Review
  47. Nissin Big Cup Chicken Ramen White Broth Special
  48. Chisomen Mamiana Soba Cup Noodle  
  49. CoCo Ichibanya Curry Cup of Noodles with Fried Chicken
  50. 100 Hours Curry Shop, European Curry Cup Noodle
  51. Big Cup Noodle Potenage (Potato and Chicken Nugget Flavour) Review 
  52. Myojo Charumera Tonkotsu Ramen Bowl Review
  53. Master Kong Golden Stock Beef Noodles
  54. Chef Kong Black Pepper Beef Noodle Review 
  55. Maruchan Seimen Hojun Koku Shoyu Bowl Noodle Review
  56. Nissin RAOH Seabura Koku Shoyu Bowl Ramen
  57. Nissin RAOH Koujuku Koku Miso Ramen 
  58. Acecook Curry Cup Noodle Review
  59. Ace Cook Dossari Yasai Chanpon Cup of Noodle (lots of veg)
  60. Maruchan Seimen Uma Kara TanTan Ramen Noodle Bowl
  61. Nissin Cup Noodle Indian Style Butter Chicken Curry Review
  62. Nissin Keema Curry Cup Noodle Review 
  63. Kyushu Marugoto Ramen Pack By Marutai
  64. Tasting Marutai Kumamoto Black Garlic Tonkotsu and Miyazaki Chicken Shio Ramen
  65. Tasting Marutai Nagasaki Agodashi Soy Ramen and Oita Chicken Soy Ramen
  66. Tasting Marutai Kagoshima Black Pork Tonkotsu Ramen
  67. Tasting Marutai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen and Saga Shio Beef Ramen
  68. Ajinomoto Tokyo Style Shoyu Ramen with Chicken
  69. Ottogi Sesame Flavor Ramen with Egg Block
  70. Nissin Hong Kong Sesame Flavour Instant Bowl Noodle
  71. Nissin HK Singapore Black Pepper Crab Cup Noodle
  72. Nissin Grilled Chicken Instant Ramen
  73. Pe Young Salmon Potato Yakisoba 
  74. Home Style Instant Ramen
  75. Maruchan Menzukuri Dan Dan Bowl Noodles
  76. New Touch Nostalgic Curry Udon
  77. Maruchan Tonkotsu Soy Sauce Instant Ramen
  78. Maruchan Shrimp Tempura Udon Noodle Cup 
  79. Nissin Spice Curry Chicken Cup Noodle Review
  80. Nissin U.F.O. Spicy Keema Curry Yakisoba  
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