Chef Kong Black Pepper Beef Noodle Review

Awhile back I reviewed the Master Kong Golden Stock Beef Noodles and today I'm slurping up Master Kong's Black Pepper Beef Noodle instant ramen bowl.  This is another cup of noodles from China and is another of the premium bowls from the Master Kong brand.  The Golden Stock Beef Noodle was pretty tasty and I'm expecting more of the same, but spicier!
The packaging is a slick black colour that looks quite fancy.  The dark packaging is going to make this puppy stand out on a shelf and grab your attention.  The black also provides excellent emphasis for the ramen bowl photo on the side of the cup.
Nice bold lettering on the lid of the cup.  You know it is premium when it says so!  The cup was a little dinged up in transit, but the contents are okay.
You can see is big juicy charbroiled steak on top of some nice looking noodles and broth.  If only a nice big steak were included, but that is a dream of course.
Ingredients, manufacturing information and nutritional information.
Some nice graphics showing the roasting, the black pepper, and beef flavour immersion.
Opening up the cup reveals three nice sized satchets of toppings and ingredients.  The noodles look to be a nice golden yellow.
There was a soup powder, an oil / flavour paste satchet, a big satchet of dried veggies and textured protein for the beef, and a folding fork.  The Chinese noodles often have a folding fork which is a nice touch.
The ingredients all added on top of the noodles.  You can see there was a lot of stuff to add to the noodles.  Got your money's worth on this noodle bowl.  You can see green onions, carrots, corn, some type of choy/cabbage and dried textured protein.
I added boiling water to the fill line, closed the lid, and waited four minutes or so.  I popped the lid open and gave everything a good stir to blend all of the soup base ingredients together.   
You can still see there are a ton of ingredients on top of the noodles.  This is always a good sign in a instant noodle bowl.
When the lid was opened, I could definitely smell the pepper and a savoury aroma.  I tasted the soup which was flavourful and definitely spicy, but not nearly as hot as I was thinking it could have been.  Again, I had problems trying to pick out the beef flavour, but maybe this is me.  The noodles were of a nice texture and firm consistency too so this was a pretty tasty and enjoyable bowl of instant noodles.  I'd have these again if I ever saw them at the supermarket.
I like it when you have other soup topping with a forkful of noodles!

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