Master Kong Golden Stock Beef Noodles

This is a cup of noodles from China.  It was a souvenir brought back for me as everyone knows I like instant noodles.  It is intriguing as it is a beef noodle with a goldeny broth.  Master Kong is a pretty big noodle company in China and this is one of their premium bowls, so it is probably pretty good.
Lid of the bowl.  It has a nice design, uses the colour yellow to accentuate the goldeny both.
Three quarters view of the cup with the chef on the side.
Lots of text explaining how tasty and healthy this is.
Ingredients, manufacturer's, and nutritional information.
When I opened the bowl I sure saw a lot of stuff inside.  One of the things I like about the Chinese noodles is that they include a little collapsible fork.
Plenty of stuff.
There was a paste packet, a soup powder packet, a packet of vinegar, and a dehydrated ingredients packet.
It is a type of thin wide noodle here.
I added all the packets in except for the vinegar.
There was cabbage, goji berries, egg, beef chunks, some green onion, and sesame seeds in the dried ingredients packet.
The rehydrated soup and noodles.
Whenever beef flavour is involved, Chinese soups tend to have white pepper combined with the chosen soup base.  It tends to be spicy, but this wasn't too spicy at all.  I didn't add the vinegar as I'm not a big hot and sour fan, but a bit of vinegar could have added a nice pick up to soup.  The goldeny soup itself was a flavourful and rich, but I'm not sure I detected a lot of beefy notes.  The goji berries are always something a little different and the noodles were nice and firm.  A pretty good instant noodle overall with plenty of tastiness.
Closeup of the noodles and some ingredients.

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