SKE48 10th Anniversary Chicken Ramen Cup

I'm really late putting up a review of this instant ramen noodle cup.  In late 2019, the idol band SKE48, a sister group for AKB48, had a branded noodle cup produced in collaboration with Ramen Walker magazine.  It was called "SKE48 x Ramen Walker Double 10th Anniversary Instant Ramen Cup".  I happened to grab one to try out the spicy tori paitan flavour.  Tori paitan is a thicker chicken broth with a bit of spice in this version.

The noodle cup is pretty nice, and I'm sure some SKE48 fans have a few of this as collectibles on their shelf.  It comes in an attractive yellow and red cup with pictures of the current members of the idol group on the side.  The cup is a typically higher quality paper cup with a soft smooth foam on the outside that insulates and provides a very good printing surface.
3/4 view of the front of the cup.  Nice bright yellow colours with red highlights.  It looks really dynamic and action packed with cartoon / manga type explosions in white with SKE48 text.  The red and yellow slashes on the lid add to the effect.  The photos of the idols come out beautifully and the whole effect is pretty cool.
A shifted 3/4 view showing a few more idols.
A final 3/4 shifted views with the last two idols.  The 10th anniversary for SKE is in a gold explosion with another yellow and red outline.  Very manga / comic in appearance and even the paneling behind the photos adds to this effect.  The front of the cup was covered in images and I couldn't get all of it in one shot.
Back of the cup.
Back of the cup showing ingredients and manufacturing info from Myojo foods.  Bright yellow panel talks about SKE48 members liking ramen and Nagoya (where they are based) and to visit Ramen Walker to read up on the development of this noodle cup.
Nutritional info. 17.4 grams of fat in this one.
Front of the cup.  You can see they were definitely going for a manga / colour comic effect.  There is even a speech bubble about the gift campaign!
The lid with contest deadlines and action slashes in red and yellow.
Opening the lid reveals some tasty looking toppings.
Toppings include powdered soup base, chilies, egg, big pieces of green onion, and ground meat.
The liquid packet of chili oil on the side and the opened ramen cup.
After adding boiling water and waiting 3 minutes, you have a cup of tasty SKE48 ramen.
It rehydrated nicely and you can see a nice layer of toppings on top of the noodles.
This ramen had a mild savoury soy smell, with a possible hint of garlic. The soup had a nice mild soy / chicken flavour with a spicy hit spice from the chili oil and hot peppers.  Even the meaty bits had good flavour to them along with the green onions, but the eggs were a fluffy addition that didn't add much flavour.  The noodles seemed thicker than normal with a good chew.  A nice cup of noodles overall that would please their fans.
Closeup of the noodles.

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