Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Japanese Mcdonald's Texas Burger and Idaho Burger

McDonald's is in the news again with the return of the Texas and Idaho Burgers. The wonderful world of Japanese fast food and international chains localizing to their host country brings some return products back to life. For info on Japanese Kaiju Burgers check this other post I did.

Other Mcdonald's news this year included:
  • On February 9, 2013 they announced the first year-on-year decline in nine years.  While not running at a loss they are just not making their normal profits in a squeezed economy.  
  • Earlier in January they had a get your order in 60 seconds or get it for free promo which was both a good and a bad thing according to web and twitter traffic.  The complaints were over the presentation and packaging of the quickly assembled orders (both packaging and presentation are of course important to the Japanese).
Now onto to Texas Burger.  I'm heading to Japan shortly and will get to try this out if the opportunity presents, but I'm going to miss out on the Idaho Burger.  The Texas burger has cheese, chilli, fried onion, bacon, mustard, and of course the big beef patty.

Idaho Burger with Hashbrown

I'm actually more interested in the Idaho Burger that has onions, cheese, bacon, relish, the beef patty, and a HASHBROWN.  Sounds kind of interesting to me and I love McDonald's hashbrowns when done right.  On that note there was also a recent humour post about hashbrowns being the "American food of choice for 2013" from the fictitious Japanese Diner's Association here.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like this is available until March so I'm going to miss it.  I'd actually rather see the giant gundam down at Odaiba instead as I believe it is going away in March of this year so I'll take the tradeoff.  But I hear that McDonald's in Rockford Illinois USA is testing an all day menu where you can get breakfast or regular menu items at the same time so you could kind of create your own Idaho Burger. UPDATE: I managed to catch it at Narita Airport on the way out of Tokyo.  The verdict is yes, it is a tasty burger.  The crunchy edges of the hashbrown give it a nice texture combination with the meat and bun, and the taste of the potato is good.  This is the same reason the Greeks stick french fries into their gyros!

Also, here are some other burger related links to favourite burgers in Japan and around the world.

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