Winter 2021 Japanese and Korean Supermarket Snack Aisle

It's time for another snack update for tasty or unusual treats from Japan and Korea.  I have to say that I cannot eat all this stuff myself and that just walking through the snack aisles in the local supermarkets has me salivating, but the brain says "more control."  Once upon a time, I bought a giant bag of kettle cooked potato chips from Costco and a friend of mine happened to visit and ate half the bag.  That is like half a pound of potato chips!  Needless to say they didn't feel too good after that.  Burp!

Mont Blanc Flavoured Kit Kats.  These tiny little Japanese Kit Kats have a great hazelnut flavour.
I've said Japanese bakeries are amazing before.  If you visit Tokyo, you have to try and hit some up for dessert or breakfast.  They have done some amazing things with western style dessert baking.  CNN even had a report on it recently.  Mont Blanc is a favoured baked dessert there and these Kit Kats are really good.

Tasty chewy milk candies.  Kind of like White Rabbit candy.

I'm still trying to figure out how this Roasted Chicken flavoured Doritos from Korea picture was all shrunk down.  Anyhow, corn chips were sweet and didn't remind me much of roast chicken.

Nissin Chikin Ramen with Kimchee.  This was a deluxe three pack and it included a nice pouch of dehydrated veggie, kimchee, and egg garnish along with spicy sauce.  Nicely flavoured.

Then we have octopus yakisoba.  I have to do a review of this still.

Octopus flavoured fried crackers!  Seafood flavours in chips and such are not unusual in east Asia.

Crispy french fries anyone?

A instant noodle snack.  I've heard some people wonder if you can eat instant noodles raw.  Unless they are air dried, they are fried and cooked already, so you can smash them up and eat them from the bag like chips - which is what this snack is all about.

A different kind of chip.  Fried cassava.  You ever have those Terra Chips?  I really like the taro chips in those bags.

A fried fish chip snack.  Seems kind of interesting, but it is an expensive snack to buy to try.

I have this sitting in my cupboard.  I'm hoping it's more sausage rather than mustard flavour!

A cream soup and minestrone soup flavoured chip set.  I think this is a strange set of flavours.

Rice crackers with sliced nutsor black beans in them.  They're pretty good, but the black beans can be a bit hard.

Cute little chocolate balls.

Another ramen snack.

You get lots of mango cream filled cookies with koalas.

These are kind of like Wagon Wheels and come in many flavours.  This particular flavour is black sugar and milk tea which should be delicious!

Chestnut paste filled cookies.  Chestnuts are a popular fall Asian food.

Sesame oil flavoured chips.

Good old plum Haw Flakes.  They used to come in little rolls wrapped in paper that always stuck to the end pieces!

These are good multi-grain snack cookies.

Canned coffee for your on the go needs.

Soy sauce rice crackers.  A little too soy flavoured for me.

Cheeza's.  One of the regular cheese flavours and avacodo flavour.  I thought I would like the avacodo more, but it has a slightly tartish flavour I didn't like that much. 

One last comment.  If you have been looking at the snacks in the supermarket, you'll notice that salted egg yolk and fried salmon skin seems to be pretty popular.  I'm really not sure why these have gotten so much attention myself as they are just okay snacks/flavours.  The fried salmon skin might be gaining popularity simply because canned salmon production seems to have shifted to Thailand or other SE Asian countries, so salmon skin is like a byproduct of this.  I'm not sure I like this as salmon isn't exactly a local product and the carbon footprint is just stupid to ship frozen salmon down there from North America or far northern Asia for processing and then back.  I won't buy canned salmon with an origin in these countries now that I'm aware of it and I don't think the taste is as good from some cans I bought earlier. North American salmon has to be canned in North America and it keeps the jobs here.

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