Monday, July 23, 2012

Evangelion Sword Exhibit

Just sharing a few news items today that I ran across on the Internet! I'll cover Japanese swords (with the trusty katana) along with a temporary EVA Sword Exhibition outside of Tokyo - well outside Tokyo.  A new set of Mecha Montages showing robots from all time periods, and some handy Chinese / Japanese fonts you may find very useful for any writing / printing projects you have!
Asuka and Spear   Flickr / kazamatsuri
Evangelion 3.0 Sword Exhibit - Limited Time
This looks like a great little exhibit at the Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum in Setouchi (a long way out from Tokyo in Okayama Prefecture).  The exhibit showcases swords and weapons have appeared in the anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and the exhibition runs from July 14, 2012 to Sept. 17, 2012.  The 3 metre long, 30 kg, Lance of Longinus is a highlights along with some Evangelion unit swords and variable knife.

Another of the Evangelion 3.0 movie pre-release publicity events I'd love to go see, but too bad the models displaying the swords were probably only there for the publicity event.  There is a great writeup and pics of the swords and weapons made by real Japanese swordsmiths below.
Sword Exhibit closeups.  Very big Lance of Longinus.

Japanese Swords
I didn't know that most katana that you see (especially outside of Japan) are not made in Japan, even if you buy them there.  Apparently there are strict regulations about authentic Japanese-made swords - not to mention there probably are not that many qualified swordsmiths.  Authentic swords are $7000 and up! There are also apparently annual Japanese sword shows if you are really interested in bladed weaponry.

Japanese Sword Museum
For the more casual sword aficionado there is the Japanese Sword Museum in Tokyo (NW of Meiji Shrine / Shibuya) with a fine display of antique weaponry.  I've never been there myself but the photos look pretty interesting as it looks like a very nice small museum dedicated to its topic. - look for the map link.

A very nice overview of the museum here.


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