Attack on Titan Charumera Consomme and Shoyu Noodle Cups Review

Attack on Titan is an internationally popular manga and anime series that is one of the best selling manga of all time with over 100 million volumes printed.  The manga ran for 12 years and ended in April 2021 after being collected into 34 manga volumes.  There are four seasons to the anime, with the final conclusion airing in 2022.

The series is about the remnants of humanity hiding behind three concentric sets of enormous walls that protect them from the Titans which have ravaged the world.  The story focuses on three characters, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin who end up joining the Survey Corps to battle the Titans after the outer wall is breached by the massive Colossal Titan that is featured on the green cup.  There are many mysteries about the Titans and their world which gradually become revealed over time.  One of the most unique aspects of this anime is the maneuver gear which allows humans to move around like spider man in urban areas and the giant humanoid Titans bent of destroying humanity.

Myojo Food did a big product promotional tie-in during mid-2021 to celebrate the upcoming final season of the Attack on Titan anime and the ending of the manga.  They produced a number of branded Attack on Titan noodle cups and package instant noodles under their Charumera brand.  Various characters from the anime are featured along with Charumera ramen characters known as the uncle and the black cat.

I managed to pick up the Green Attack on Titan Consomme noodle cup and the Red Attack on Titan Shoyu noodle cup from the promotion.  There are QR codes inside that allowed your to register to try and win themed prizes from Myojo.  These noodle cups retail for around $2 US and are available for a limited time like many Japanese promotional products.

This old Subarau commercial shows how big the Titans are.

Green Noodle Cup - Attack on Titan Consomme

The green cup seems to have received the most attention, even from the Myojo press materials released.  Their press materials say this Titan consomme has a mild aroma and the taste of beef consomme.  I was pretty happy to snag both the green and red noodle cups and share my impressions with the Internet.  Both of these noodles cups have pretty distinct branding with their deep green and red colours making them stand out.  They both also transform, aka like a Titan transformation, with the included flavour packet with each cup.  You are supposed to put the packet in after having half of the soup and noodles to shift the flavour profile and jazz things up.

3/4 profile shot of the green cup.  You can see the flavour enhancing packet on top and the Colossal Titan.

Underneath the packet is the Charumera black cat mascot.

The lid of the noodle cup is the same deep green as the side of the cup and it has the black cat telling you to add the flavour packet after having half of your noodles for a delicious taste change with a peppery hit!

The Colossal Titan that towers over Wall Maria and a big bowl of ramen noodles with potatoes in it.  The Attack on Titan logo and branding are prominently displayed on the side.  The red characters at the side say Charumera X Attack on Titan.

Cooking directions.  Pour in hot water, wait 3 minutes to rehydrate, eat half the noodles, then add in the flavour packet.

The promotional contest details, QR code to the Myojo website and allergens at the bottom.

Nutritional information and ingredients.  13.4 grams of fat in this cup.  Pretty standard.

The dry noodle toppings and soup base inside the cup.  There are potatoes, green onion, and cubes of minced pork.

Everything rehydrated after 3 minutes of soaking in boiling water.
The green cup had a mild savoury flavour.  It combined a bit of soy and beef into a light broth that was mild in aroma and on the tongue.  The dehydrated potatoes had a bit of texture to them and melted in your mouth after a few chews and the ground meat cubes had the right kind of texture but pretty much fell apart with any pressure.  A first mouthful of the noodles showed they had a nice chewy bite to them and that they were pretty much your regular instant noodle.  It was pretty tasty noodles and after having half of it I added in the flavour packet.  The flavour of the soup became a little more tart and peppery with garlic and onion undertones.  It definitely livened up the soup with the transformation into Titan mode.  The additional flavour was a nice addition.  This noodle cup was a winner in taste!

The promotional web site the QR code sent you to.

Red Noodle Cup - Attack on Titan Shoyu

The red cup seems to have received little attention.  It was a shoyu (soy sauce) flavour that looked to be more of your standard cup noodle in flavour and content.  The red noodles cup had pretty distinct branding with their deep red colour which seems to be the standard colour for shoyu.  This cup also transforms, aka like a Titan transformation, with the included flavour packet.  You are supposed to put the packet in after having half of the soup and noodles to shift the flavour profile and jazz things up.

3/4 profile showing the red cup and both Levi and Erin on it.  The bright yellow flavour packet is hard to miss!

Underneath the flavour packet is the black cat telling you how to use the flavour packet.

Front of the cup with Levi up top and Erin on the bottom.  They make a big deal out of the flavour packets changing the soups flavour for the second half in the big text box.

The Charumera x Attack on Titan logos.

Preparation directions.

Contest details, allergen information.

Nutritional information and ingredients.

The dried toppings inside the cup.  You get cabbage, green onion, egg, naruto, and mince meat cubes.

After adding boiling water and waiting 3 minutes with the lid closed, you get the rehydrated and ready to eat noodle soup.

The red cup shoyu noodles tasted pretty good, and the savouriness was kicked up a bit with the addition of the flavour packet.  It was pretty much a regular shoyu cup noodle, which I won't ever turn down, but I didn't think it was as special as the consomme flavour.  Both noodle cups were pretty tasty in the end and it is always a bit of fun to eat promotional tie-in products.

Closeup of the noodles and some of the toppings.


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