Sunday, July 29, 2012

Evangelion 3.0 Exhibit and the Hideaki Anno Tokusatsu Exhibit

Wow!  I wish I really could get to Japan in early Sept / August of 2012.  Many anime museum exhibits going on but you would be traveling a bit around Japan to see all of this.  If I get there in the late fall it'll all be over.  There are seem to be a ton of museums with temporary exhibits to beat the summer heat in.  I recently wrote about the Evangelion Sword Exhibit here.

Tezuka Manga Museum Evangelion Exhibit
Now there is an Evangelion Exhibit at the Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka-city, Hyugo Prefacture too.  The new Evangelion movie promotional tie-ins continue!
Flickr / Jeroen020

Tokusatsu Exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Just near the new Tokyo Skytree, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, is the Hideaki Anno exhibit about Tokusatsu or the Special Effects of your live action monster movies.  Hideaki Anno is the director of Evangelion and seems to have a love for these types of movies as they influenced his career. This is an exhibit I would love to see! You can walk around a movie set that they would have built to film a Godzilla movie where you are guy in a big rubber suit. Very cool!

A short film that was also made for the exhibit showing CG and traditional special effects. It features the giant god-warriors from Nausicaa Valley of the Wind ravaging Tokyo.  Studio Ghibli lent a hand!  You'll recognize the miniature room at the beginning from the exhibit videos above.
So more Evangelion memorabilia and art, followed up by a visit to a monster movie set with mini-buildings where you can act out your fantasies as Godzilla!

August 27th Update.
Japan times ran a very good article about the exhibit.  You can hit the link here.
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN)

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