Summer 2020 Japanese and Asian Snacks

I didn't go too many places over this summer, but you could still bring in treats from Asia via specialty supermarkets and the Internet.  One of the things I managed to get in from Japan were the Neon Genesis instant noodle cups that were released to coincide with the Evangelion 4.44 movie that was delayed.  I'll be reviewing these noodles in the future, but they look pretty good on the shelf right now, reminding me that I have a tasty snack coming.

The snacks shown below come from over a few months of snacking and I have to say that I haven't even finished everything or started eating some of it yet.  

A package from Japan with some gatchapons capsules of cats.

Looking forward to trying out these Pikachu gummies that are tropical fruit and ramune flavoured.  They even have some in the shape of Pikachu inside.

More tropical fruit flavoured gummies, but with cola flavour too!

Little smoked almond and pretzel nuggets with bacon flavouring.  These aren't bad at all.

Smoked cheese Cheeza crackers.  Always a favourite.

Camembert cheese flavoured Cheeza.  I always wonder how they get it so cheesy and cris

Nothing like some tasty pizza flavoured Pretz biscuit sticks.

A tasty watermelon gummy candy.  The watermelon flavour isn't bad at all.

These roasted nut and crispy battered nuts and peas mix is always a favourite.

There are so many deluxe Pocky varieties now.  This one is a pretty good raspberry and pistachio.

This one is a new one to me.  It is from Thailand and the rice crackers are a little bit spicy and they are very tasty.  Another can will be on the horizon in the future.

Dozen chocolate coated mini cakes.  They come in a box with a dozen little cakes.  Go figure.  The cakes are very light and fluffy and they are delicious.

I've never had this Calbee granola before.  It is a very processed and refined granola.  Fairly high in sugar too.  I'm actually mixing it with my morning cereal like Shreddies, and it is a nice way to give breakfast a bit of a boost.  There are lots of little fruit bit in it.

These are two kinds of treats from Japan.  The Meltykiss is always a tasty chocolate, bu this one mixes yuzu citrus in with the chocolate.  The other snack is panko coated corn chips with a tonkatsu sauce seasoning.

These little panko coated chips were pretty good.  A nice change in flavours and crunch from the panko.

The yuzu chocolate Meltykiss was absolutely delicious.  The light citrus tang really livened up the chocolate.

Strawberry pocky and matcha doriaki cat

Fried rice crackers.  These are big crackers and they are quite good, but they are a little oily as they are fried.

Baked / grilled sembei rice crackers.  A nice light snack.

Only in Canada.  These chips are made in Calgary, Alberta.  I find that they are a crispy and savoury / spicy chip that is actually lighter on the oil than many other fried potato chips.  They are better than the Lays version and a favourite of mine.

Only in Canada again.  Maple and bacon.  The flavouring is intense and very tasty.  Likely a seasonal or temporary variety and I'll be sorry to see it go.

These are tempura coated seaweed chips.  I quite like these every so often, and still haven't eaten these yet.

These are very light little crispy crackers in the shape of cuttlefish.  They have decent cuttlefish flavour and are nice to have once in awhile.

These Popcorners have a good popcorn taste and remind me of popcorn twists, but with a fraction of the fat content.  They are crispy and very good snacks.

Nission RAOH Dan Dan ramen noodles.  These are air dried noodles with a very tasty liquid soup stock.  Always a tasty ramen noodle.

I've never tried canned mackeral from Japan.  I'm looking forward to the shoyu and miso flavours here.

Little mini noodles in the regular Cup Noodle flavour.  You get 3 packages inside with noodle block and toppings just like in the cups.  They are small though and you can tell it is a miso soup / rice bowl worth of noodles from the picture.

This one is like the other cup noodle above, but the classic chicken ramen flavour.  Looking forward to these on a cold night.

Two kinds of UCC coffee with pour over filters.  You get a small cup of real brewed coffee here as a change from instant.

That is pretty much all I have right now.  I hope you enjoyed the mini tour.  There's always a few other things, but this was a summer of little treats and such.  Keep your spirits and morale up these days as it is trying to for everyone.

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