Monday, April 2, 2012

U-Ram Choe Kinetic Art and TRON Inspired Dance by Wrecking Crew Orchestra

Two amazing sets of visual movies to inspire you today.  One is by an amazing Japanese dance troupe and the other by a Korean, kinetic sculptor named U-Ram Choe. Human talent is just amazing... astounding... wow!

U-Ram Choe
He is a contemporary artist, based in Seoul, Korea, who works with kinetic sculpture and makes amazing cybernetic organisms.  Seeing a picture does not do justice to his work as it changes and moves like a living organism.  You need to watch a movie or see it in person.  I have never seen one of his exhibits, but I would sure love to.
Kinetic Sculpture  Flickr / kDamo
His exhibition for the MAM Project at the Mori Art Museum in 2006 had giant bio-mechanical plants looming over the gallery visitors while everything pulsed with light. Skeletal creatures lived around it and amazed everyone with their animations.  He even has stories and background set up to tell you about the ecosystems that his creations live in.  The art is both very creative and slightly spooky, like some strange robot out of the Matrix or a sci fi nightmare.

U-Ram Choe's Official Website - lots of good stuff here, with interviews and more.

Wrecking Crew Orchestra
While we are on the topic of kinetic art, here is an amazing 8 person dance troupe out of Japan who can't stay still!  Their dances have been making the rounds on the Internet as everyone is showing off their moves.  Their most famous dance starts out with the new TRON: Legacy music and their really cool LED suits.  It's like they are out of the movie.

Wrecking Crew Orchestra Official Site

The dancers perform on a dark stage and they appear and disappear in time to their moves and the music as the lights on their suits go on and off.  Everything is tightly timed by computer. They are able to do some sequences that seem impossible as their suites flicker on and off and they seem to animate and hop all over the stage.  Well worth seeing in video and even more as a live performance!

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