Saturday, June 22, 2013

Menraku Instant Bowl Ramen

Today, I'll show you bowl noodle products from Menraku.  They caught my attention in the old Asian supermarket as they have localized their products in English to some degree.  Over the last few years I've noticed that Japanese food companies are becoming more aware of international sales.  Companies like Nissin are big international corporations with many different brands and subsidiaries that make noodle products for localized markets.  Like other big companies like Nestle, Nissin will have bought local food companies and then market under their umbrella.  This is the big multinational game that plays out with beer companies, beverage companies, food products manufactures, etc.  Fortunately there is still diversity in the market place.

Menraku has some nicely packaged products and come in many more flavours than these, including noodles with a disc of tempura.  I only had the three kinds on hand: a shoyu, a shio, and a tonkotsu flavour.  All were very pleasant to eat, salty of course, and the tonkotsu actually looked like a tonkotsu broth.  I'd say my favourite of the three was probably the tonkotsu, but the other two were good too.  As usual empty the sauce packets into the bowl, add your boiling water, and wait three minutes or so for some tasty noodles.

Soy Sauce Ramen
A very traditional flavour of ramen with a soy sauce base.
The soy ramen bowl.
Comes with a dry ingredient pack and a small sauce packet.
Ingredients are in.
Some tasty noodle soup.
Shio Ramen
Salt flavour ramen on top of the base stock.  Should be salty but it brings out the flavour of the stock underneath.
Shio ramen
There was plenty of corn, seaweed, and green onion.
Tonkotsu Ramen
This is pork bone flavour with a milky soup that has lots of rich undertones for savoury goodness.  While it wasn't as good as a fresh tonkotsu, it was okay for instant.
Tonkatsu ramen
The soup.  There were chunks of dried garlic in it.

That's all folks.

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