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Fall 2014 Japanese Candy / Snack Treats

I placed a couple of orders with Candysan awhile back in October and they both arrived last week.  I'm going to be snacking all the way until Christmas, not including any Halloween candy.  Getting treats from Japan is never cheap.  However, I've found that Candysan has reasonable prices like you would pay at a Japanese konbini / market (not double or triple), and then you using SAL Shipping to keep freight charges down.

Seasonally available items, cuisine, and snacks are the status quo in Japan, whose corporations have also mastered the art of the limited edition item.  Life revolves around the seasons in Japan, and the people embrace the changes with the all the accompanying cultural events from festivals to food.

Let the treat photos begin!
I have to love how full the boxes get packed full of yummy goodness.  There is a variety of treats here that are both limited edition and just regularly available.
Snacks from the first box.
Snacks from the second box.
Fall edition. These are chestnut flavoured chocolate covered bamboo shoot cookies.
Fall edition. Pumpkin chocolate mushroom biscuits.  I tried the strawberry ones before and boy were they good.  The Japanese always do a great job on the strawberry flavour.
Strawberry cream chocolate mushrooms caps with a chocolate biscuit stem.  Wish I had another box of these as they were really good.
Fall edition. Mochi balls with chestnut filling.  Nice delicate chestnut flavour and good if you like the chewy mochi type thing.
Mochi balls with chocolate filling.  You get two foil packs of four mochi in each box.
Fall edition. Almond slivered chocolate in a caramel on a chocolate base.  Looks great!
Fall edition. Sweet yam flavoured cream on the thick type of midi Pocky stick.  Had a delicate and very tasty flavour to it.
Fall edition. Sweet potato Calbee sticks.  Very much like eating sweet potato / yam fries.  Intense yam flavour.  Good stuff.
Fall edition.  Almond Kit Kats.  Boy are the individual Kit Kat sticks tiny, but they are very tasty with the ground up almonds. 
Fall edition.  Kumamon the bear chocolates with sweet potato and yam flavours.  Nice chocolate, but you have to like yam and sweet potato!
Strawberry Kit Kat, with some type of specialty strawberry flavour.  Japan gets quite a few different varieties of Strawberries and they are usually so sweet and with intense strawberry flavour (unlike the more industrially farmed berries from here which look like strawberries but are often bland).
Japanese Pumpkin Flavour Kit Kat for Halloween as you can tell.  The flavour of this was very mild, mostly white chocolate.  Somewhat disappointing, but that's what you get for trying something new sometimes.

Chocolate covered chips.  Looking forward to trying this later.
Mini green tea Oreos.  Can't wait to try these!
These looked intriguing.  I've never tried these katsu type snacks before.  We''ll see how good these thin snacks are!
Attack on Titan Choco Balls!
Lemon centre Choco Balls.
Corn Potage chip sticks.
Vegetable potato sticks from Calbee.
Pumpkin stew flavoured potato sticks.
Peko Milky x Hello Kitty vanilla and strawberry cream chocolates.
These are great tasting cheese crackers with an intense imperial cheese type flavour.  If you like strong cheese flavours, they are good.
Chocolate filled Taiyaki biscuits!  Very good with an airy filling.
Strawberry filled Taiyaki biscuits!
Chocolate covered mini marshmallows.
Pear and lemon gummies.
These are pretty darn good little melon pan cookies.  They have a green and cantaloupe flavour to them and are a good facsimile of melon pan!
Mount Fuji Peko salt/milk candies.  These are pretty good little candies that remind me an awful lot of Chinese white rabbit milk candies, which I happen to like too.
Ice cream cone candy treat.  Very sweet warning....
Strawberry gummies.

That kind of concludes my pics of treats by mail order.  Now onto some photos of treats from the local Asian supermarkets!  Been an interesting variety of stuff available recently.
Orange and Green Tea flavoured Pretz.  The orange tastes like creamsicle.
Roasted and dried mackeral jerky.  Very fishy and my cat loves it and to play with it.
This is a nice find.  Giant chocolate Dairy Milk with gummy and pop rocks mixed in.  Was good!
Vanilla filled Areo.  I llike what they have been doing with Aero limited editions.  Kind of reminds me of how Kit Kats are in Japan.
???  flavoured Pretz.
Takoyaki flavoured Pretz.
Ramen flavoured Pretz.  They were pretty good with a soyish savoury flavour.
Cheese flavoured Pretz.  Looking forward to this one!
This is a nice product from Nutella.  Little biscuit sticks you can dip in Nutella that come in a package that looks like half a jar.  Cool design.

Well, that's all for now.  Have a great day everyone!

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