Monday, August 17, 2015

Cup Noodle Vegeta Cabbage and Bacon Is Yummy!

When I saw the Nissin commercial on Youtube for Cup Noodle Vegeta Cabbage and Bacon I knew I had to try it.  Vegeta is one of the Super Saiyan who travel to Earth to battle evil in the anime series Dragon Ball Z.  His name is a pun on the word vegetable and now Nissin has made a cup noodle as a play on his name!  My sister was kind enough to bring me a couple back from Japan as a souvenir, making me very happy.
Vegeta Cup Noodle is the regular size cup noodle in the middle for comparison to BIG cup and MINI cup. Unforunately the Tonkotsu was eaten before I could review it (sad...)
Official Nissin Ad from their channel.  They take down stuff every so often, so here's to hoping they keep it for awhile.

Anyhow, this cup noodle sure sounds healthy as it is supposed to provide a third of your daily vegetables.  I'm not sure I can believe that, but there were a lot of dehydrated vegetables in the cup.  I kind of wish that all cup noodles came with this many vegetables for toppings.
Lots of veggies inside the cup on top of the noodles. It was generously covered in vegetables.
The ingredients that come with this cup of noodle are: cabbage, onions, bok choy, fried potatoes, red pepper, yellow peppers, and some bacon pieces.  As soon as I peeled open the top, the scent of vegetables wafted out.  I added the hot water and waited out the three minutes for the noodles to cook.
The veggies rehydrated very nicely and it looked quite nice.  You could see larger pieces of the red and yellow peppers and big cubes of potato, and little slices bits of bacon.  It was very colorful between the dark green of the bok choy, the lighter green of the cabbage, the red and yellow of the peppers, the white of the potato, and the light golden broth.

The broth itself was a mild in flavour with a bit of a hit from spices and salt.  Very agreeable and it went very nice with all of the vegetables.  This was an enjoyable cup of noodle and I hope they make more vegetable rich instant noodles like this in the future.

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