Monday, June 16, 2014

Godzilla Strikes Back in 2014

This is a good year for Godzilla fans.  The remake of Godzilla from Legendary Pictures is playing in the theaters to great success.  Within a week of this post the film should have be making money in the $400 million range globally.  It is a hit!

When I first saw the teaser I had a many doubts about this film as it looked like they were covering up a giant monster walking through a city.  This is pretty impractical in the age of smartphones. There is a conspiracy and a coverup, but it makes sense the way they show it.  Then the Japanese trailer came out and everything seemed to be better, more logical.  Then I read an article about the head of Toho saying it captured the essence of Godzilla so to speak and then I said I'd have to go see it.  I saw it on opening day last month and walked out of the theater thinking that was a really good remake / reboot.  I enjoyed it even if there are some unlikely things happening other than giant radiation eating monsters.  If you enjoy the old Godzilla films you'll probably like this one!

There were some articles saying that the new Godzilla looks fat based on some Japanese fan responses, but I think the new Godzilla is chunky, but nicely proportioned.  He looks imposing and big!  We'll have to wait and see to see what the Japanese reception to the film will be.  I hope they like it as it is well done and it doesn't have the cool reception like Pacific Rim had.  China is going to be a big market for the film though as it is going to rake in the bucks based on opening week.

Anyhow, in case you still don't have enough of a Godzilla fix, here are some other pics of some books a Godzilla fan would like.  There is also a Godzilla fandom and G-Fest, a Godzilla convention.

These are great books involving big Godzilla.  Killer Kaiju is a fan book mainly about Godzilla, but also has some coverage of vinyl toys and of other Kaiju artists from Japan - good book despite some Amazon reviews.  Eiji Tsuburaya - Master of Monsters is the visual effects master behind Godzilla and Ultraman and this is a must have book for fans of Kaiju movies.  Godzilla On My Mind is a wonderful memoir / history of a life with Godzilla.
And now a few Godzillas from my own collection. 

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