Thursday, August 7, 2014

Funny Airline Safety Videos and Custom Airliner Paint Jobs

This post isn't exactly about Japan, but is related to the process of getting there in the air, unless you're going by container ship or taking a really long swim.  Flying to your destination doesn't seem to be getting any more fun, unless you're going first class with a lucky upgrade or paying big bucks.  Some of the airlines are trying to make things a little more interesting and a little more fun, though.  Sit back and have a look at some funny safety videos, humorous clips, and some nifty paint jobs to make flying more fun.

Funny Airline Safety Videos
Here is a selection of funny safety videos you can watch without boarding an aircraft, but pay attention as it can save your life!

A Hobbit themed safety video from Air New Zealand.  They have been the airline to Middle-Earth for awhile.

Delta has a funny video to make you pay attention.  Look for the tribbles.

Bear Grylls teaches you airplane safety from the woods.

Cool April Fools Jokes from Westjet
Westjet has had some funny videos for April Fools.  My favorite is the child free cabin.

Child Free Cabin

Pets are now allowed in the cabin!

Awesome Airliner Paint Jobs
It seems like Japan and Taiwan have the lock on cool anime paint jobs for a few of their airlines.  Would always be more fun to fly in one of these.  The Eva Air is even themed on the inside with Hello Kitty food and accessories.

ANA Pokemon Airliners

Eva Air Hello Kitty Planes

Inside a Hello Kitty Plane

Westjet has a beautiful Disney plane with Wizard Mickey

More Tokyo Highlights
More Japanese Pop Culture

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