Ito Yokado Supermarket and Aeon Shopping Center Near Shinagawa Tokyo

One of the things I like to do when visiting a foreign country is to see a local supermarket - the bigger the better.  It is always kind of fun to see what is on the shelves, how they are organized, and the prices (non-tourist prices) for food and other essentials.  Also, if you are looking for more than the typical souvenirs available from tourist outlets (which isn't usually a problem in Tokyo), a supermarket or large department store for families may be the way to go.  If you're looking for a particular food product like instant noodles, some types of candy, etc., this would be the way to go to find them.

Aeon Shinagawa Seaside Shopping Center

In the center of Tokyo there are many department stores, which are also amazing with their basement food floors, but they are not your regular day to day supermarkets.  There are few regular supermarkets in central locations, or they tend to be smaller.  For the big suburban stores, you have to go slightly further afield, but not too far.  I've listed a few below that are well known to the locals and are within a train stop or two of Shinagawa Station via the Rinkai Line.

Ito Yokado Supermarket at Oimachi Tokyo
Ito Yokado is a large supermarket / hypermarket chain owned by Seven and I Holdings which is one of the largest retailers in Japan that also owns all 7-11s worldwide.  This branch of the store is located just outside the south side of Oimachi Station and you just have to look up to see the big sign.  The directions here are from JR Shinagawa Station.  If you are at Shinjuku, you can also get down here from the JR Shinjuku Station by taking the Saikyo Line direction Shin-Kiba in 20 minutes.  Note that the Saikyo line becomes the Rinkai Line at Osaki Station.

Ito Yokado Oimachi
1-3-6 Oi
Shinagawa, Tokyo 140-0014

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Train connection from Shinagawa via JR Keihin Tohoku Line

Ito Yokado Supermarket Shinjuku
This is a smaller Ito Yokado, as it is just a groceries, but it is in Shinjuku.  It is about 10 - 15 minutes walk east of Shinjuku Station.  If you are staying at the Citadines Shinjuku Hotel it is like a block away, but it is off the main street and in a newer residential high-rise complex.

Aeon Shinagawa Seaside Shopping Center
Aeon is a huge retail conglomerate that runs malls all over Japan and overseas.  Jusco is now part of them and they have a large supermarket / shopping center over at Shinagawa Seaside Shopping Center.  This place is accessible by car, making it popular for large weekly stock up trips for families, and there is plenty of shopping on the multiple floors.
NOTE: This isn't a mall, but primarily a large multi-floor department store.  I would only go here if I was looking for groceries myself as it is more out of the way.

Aeon Shinagawa Seaside Shopping Center (イオン品川シーサイド店)
〒140-0002 Tokyo, Shinagawa, Higashishinagawa, 4丁目12−5

Train connection from Shinagawa on the Keikyu Line.  There are a few trains you could take.  You can also get to Seaside from Oimachi on the Rinkai Line if you wanted to hit both places.

Colorful and Vibrant Page for the mall, but not much info below.

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