Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Belated Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was actually last Thursday, but Happy Year of the Ram (aka sheep).  I was down in Calgary earlier to celebrate the new year with family, and had a great time eating hot pot and other Chinese Food.
Banners and Lanterns at the Chinese Cultural Centre
Lucky Charms
I noticed that Guess has a big Japanese themed ad campaign right now.
While I was down in Calgary I also visited The Sentry Box, North America's largest game store, but I don 't know about the world as it is a pretty big place.  They also have a great SF and Fantasy book section along with card games, board games, miniatures, and RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, etc.

Calgary has some great new train stations on their SE leg and I went inside the Sunalta station that looks like a bit of a stargate or space launcher as it is near the Sentry Box.

Finally, I haven't posted any Japanese snack pictures for awhile, so here are a bunch!

Multi-colour Pocky like the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo
Adult Meiji Bamboo Shoot Chocolate Biscuits

Adult Maiji Chocolate Mushroom Biscuits
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream flavour with Pop Rocks Chocolates
White Chocolate Winter Bamboo Shoot Cookies

Dorayaki Red Bean Buns / Pastries
Energy / Fluid Replacement Drink