Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pokemon Go and Seeing the World Around You

I have to say that I probably don't get out as much in the evenings after working all day.  One of best things about Pokemon Go is that it did get me out of the house more and I went to places that I would not normally go in the evening just to catch Pokemon.  I wandered around Princes Island Park in Calgary in the evening, saw some great cityscapes, and saw the University of Alberta Campus and the Provincial Legislature at night when things are lit up.  The multi-coloured fountains north of the legislature are pretty fantastic and the building itself is very nicely illuminated.  I didn't know the legislature had stained glass windows too, but I do now.  Buildings you saw during the day might have been dull, but they take on a new life when lit at night.

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Calgary Skyline from Princes Island at night
So, it is true, hunting pokemon in augmented reality is fun with side-benefits like seeing your city and getting fit by walking to hatch eggs.  Also, when I visit Tokyo next, I'll definitely be visiting parks like Shinjuku Goyen in Tokyo to see if I can get the Japan only Farfetched and the Pokemon Center Stores there will be also some pokestops I have to hit.  And when in Paris, you'll need to catch a Mr. Mime.
Princes Island Lagoon in the afternoon
Princes Island Lagoon at dusk
Peace Bridge in Calgary
Alberta Legislature late in the afternoon
The big fountain at the Legislature
These fountains light up at night and are pretty cool.
University of Alberta Science building.  Is that a prehistoric pokemon plesiosaur?
Theatres at the U of A lit up a night.