Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nissin HK Singapore Black Pepper Crab Cup Noodle

All the instant noodle manufacturers are constantly updating their noodle lineups and bringing new flavours to market.  Nissin has a multitude of flavours in their repertoire.  This includes regional specialties from various international markets that the company sells in.  Last year, they had some international varieties for a limited time in Japan like the mushroom flavour from Germany and even Singapore Black Pepper Crab and Tom Yam.  Singapore has an interesting melding of flavours from all over Asia and I've only been to Singapore once many years ago to sample the tasty food there.

This particular review is about Singapore Black Pepper Crab cup noodles available from Hong Kong.  While the product isn't new, I've never blogged about it until now.  Of the Hong Kong varieties available in Canada, this is one I'm quite fond of.  I'm not a huge spice / heat guy, so I actually find this version quite peppery sometimes, but I do like it a great deal.
Three quarters view of this black cup with nice bold yellow lettering.  All of the Hong Kong cups have directions on the lid of the cup.  This is an interesting difference from the Japanese versions where directions are usually on the side of the cup.  This must also have something to do with how the products are displayed on shelves.  In Japan, the tops of the lids are always logos or pictures, and the top of the lid is aligned to the picture on the side.  The Hong Kong cups are typically a plastic cup, not a laminated and insulated paper cup like in Japan too.  If you go to the Nissin HK website you can see they also have microwave directions, something I have never tried or want to.
Preparation directions.  Add boiling water and wait 3 minutes.  Some people wait less time to get a harder noodle with more chew.
Nutritional information and ingredients.
The front side of the cup.  It has the Singapore Merlion breathing fire to let you know it is spicy pepper crab!  The toppings and ramen in the picture look great.
After peeling back the lit you can see that there are lots of ingredients in these cups.  There is some dried corn, crab stick, green onion, carrot, and regular onion.  The powdered soup base mixed in already.
After adding the boiling water and letting it stand for 3 minutes, I peeled off the top and gave the soup a good stir.
Ever since the first time I had this cup of noodle I've liked it.  There is a nice seafood broth aroma and you can smell the pepper.  The taste of the broth is a peppery seafood stock with soy and it is quite nice.  I always like the pieces of crab stick that are in it and the noodles are of your typical cup noodle gauge with a nice chew.  Once in awhile I hit a more spicy bit and have a bit of cough, but I do enjoy this cup of noodle.
A closeup of the noodles and this is one of the few cup noodles with actual onion.  Nice change.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Nissin HK Sesame Flavour Instant Ramen Bowl

Nissin Hong Kong makes this bright red big bowl of instant sesame flavoured ramen that is a classic in their line.  They also have a chicken flavour, a XO seafood sauce flavour, and just recently put out a black garlic oil flavour too. These are larger than the typical cup noodles and make for a good snack or a light meal.  I recently reviewed another sesame flavoured ramen from Ottogi and I can honestly say I was expecting a more intense sesame flavour from it that would be similar to this bowl.
Nissin Demae Sesame bowl of  instant noodles. 
Another view of the bowl.  This is a laminated, paper bowl with a very attracted white and red colour scheme.  The little cartoon ramen seller or delivery boy (some brands have a more complete picture) has been a mascot for a long time.  I like how the Sesame Flavour is in bright red with a yellow border so you can't make a mistake!
The content of the noodle bowl.  You get a foil package of powdered soup base, another package of dried veggies and naruto fish cake, and a satchet of sesame oil.
I added the soup base and the dried ingredients on top of the instant noodle block.  The dried toppings include corn, green onion, carrot, and naruto (the little spirally patterned disks).  You're supposed to add the sesame oil last, but I add it before putting in the hot water.
Added boiling water and closed the lid of the bowl for three minutes to let the heat and water rehydrate the noodles. Once opened, I was greeted the by aromo of the sesame oil and saw all of the wonderful ingredients.
A closeup view of the ramen.
This bowl of instant noodles is always a classic and I like to keep one around the house.  The sesame oil aroma is always really nice and the flavour of the soy and sesame soup is both savoury with a good hit of sesame to it.  The noodles for these bowls are of a slightly thinner gauge than normal, but have a nice chew to them if you don't let them soak too long in the hot water.  There are lots of little bits of topping which is nice, but after you stir the soup to mix it, I always end up fishing for little bits of corn or naruto after awhile.  I've always enjoyed these noodles and they can be found at most Chinese or Asian markets in Canada. 

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