Tokyo's Theme Cafes - Alice In Wonderland, Dragon Quest, Resident Evil, Tokyo Robot Restaurant, and more.

I actually love reading about all of the nifty themed restaurants over in Tokyo.  If I had tons of extra money and time I'd probably visit more than one, but some just scare me.  Listed here are some interesting ones that are more geeky and possibly adventurous.

Tokyo Robot Cabaret Restaurant
This show doesn't come cheap as it is at least $50 a person, but you do get a dazzling floor show with giant robots and dancing girls.  It seems to have become one of the things to do on many bucket lists.

Official Site:
Dragon Quest Bar
Luida's Bar is located in Roppongi in a narrow space (standing room only) connected to Pasela, an upscale karaoke place.  You can get themed drinks and quick snacks here like buns modeled after the cute slimes and indulge in some classic Dragon Quest decor.  One of my most favourite Dragon Quest Games was DQ VIII - I loved the ending or the second ending that came after the first ending.

Official website:
Nice post about a 2014 Visit to the Dragonquest Bar from Gameinformer.

Curry Station Niagara
This is one man's vision of a train themed curry restaurant.  Just good food, love for his work, and train memorabilia.  I saw this on Food Network and thought it was absolutely charming and wonderful.  The next time I'm in Tokyo I am going here for sure.  The old owner seems like such a nice guy who loves his work and I'm sorry to hear that he was thinking of retiring.  Your food even arrives by train!

カレーステーション ナイアガラ
〒 153-0052
2-1-5 Kosaka Yutenji Building, Meguro, Tokyo
TEL :03-3710-7367
Access: Yutenji Station, Tokyo Metro

Alice of Magic World Restaurant
This is an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant(s).  The tables are giant playing cards and classic Alice imagery is on the walls.  Wonderfood!  There are two locations in Tokyo.
Alice Cakes   Flickr / anna_d

Other Articles About Theme Cafes
Why reinvent the wheel?  These people have done a grand old job answering the question about theme cafes in Tokyo!  There are Christian themed restaurants, ninja restaurants, jail house restaurants, goth restaurants, etc.  You name it and they probably have it. Wow!

Biohazard Cafe & Grill S.T.A.R.S.
This cafe just opened on July 13, 2012.  It is located on the 7th floor of the Shibuya PARCO with a Resident Evil inspired atmosphere and menu.  Apparently there are uniformed dancing girls that subdue a mutant giant Tyrant as a floor show.  Hmmm....

Official website:

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