Saturday, January 7, 2012

JCC - Fall 2011 Japanese Collectible Instant Ramen and Canned Coffee

UCC Evangelion Collectible Canned Coffee

Score! Managed to pick up the UCC canned coffee 3 figure set of Asuka, Rei, and Marie from AmiAmi.  They are nicely detailed little figures, each holding a can of yummy UCC coffee.  You can even place the figures on top of the cans, using the can as a display base.  Nothing like product placement from the Evangelion remake movies!  Coffee is good until October 27, 2012 so no rush to drink them either.

UCC, a Japanese beverage company, has been releasing Neon Genesis Evangelion branded coffee since 1997, but has been going strong with the new Evangelion movies. These canned coffees are ready to drink hot or cold and are basically their popular milk coffee with a nifty tin and figure.

If you are wondering what Neon Genesis Evangelion (involves giant biomechanical robots and doomsday prophecies) is all about, check out Wikipedia here.

Nissin Gundam  40th Anniversary Collectable Cup Noodle and Gundam Model
Managed to snag these over at JBOX and even got an extra for a relative.  These were kind of hard to get, but I'm pretty happy I got one.  You get a seafood flavour Cup Noodle in the left one, and a Gundam RX-78 model in the right cup that is branded with NISSIN logos.  You need to add boiling water to your instant noodles in the left cup to get them ready to eat, and some assembly is required on the right to assemble your plastic model on the right.

This complements my original Gundam Cup Noodle with model I brought back from Tokyo years ago now.  Original Gundam Cup Noodle shown below.

If you are wondering what Gundam is (involves large robots and combat) check out Wikipedia here.

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