Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three Visual Illusionists (Cloud, Levitation, Camouflage)

I have three artists working in the visual medium that create unusual pieces or photographs. We have a Dutch artist who creates clouds, a Japanese artist who levitates, and a Chinese artist who is a chameleon.
Cloud Flickr / TomRaven
Berndnaut Smilde
Berndnaut Smilde is a Dutch artist who creates indoor clouds, not just fog machine effects, but clouds.  They don't last very long, but they are beautiful little wisps that look out of place and surreal indoors. Using a vapourized glycol compound, and fine water droplets in a damp room, he can create realistic clouds that last a few seconds.  It would be pretty neat to walk into a room with a wet cloud in it.  I've been on top of mountain ridge lines in some strong winds and have seen similar effects.  The wind hits the ridge, compresses the air and a mist effect forms on the leeward side of the ridge.  Smoke monsters from Star Trek!

Natsumi Hayashi
Natsumi Hayashi, of Tokyo, posts jump shots on Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary that make her look like she is floating effortlessly through the air.  She has hundreds of published shots and is basically a still life performance artist to get just the right motion, expression, appearance and pose for the photographs.  There are many, many takes and the results are pretty stunning as she looks like she is floating.  Apparently she has a large following and deserves it!  Hit the links below to see many, many more stunning photos.

Liu Bolin
Liu Bolin is an amazing camouflage artist from Beijing - also known as the Invisible Man.  He basically blends right into the background by having himself painted to match.  It is a painstaking process and the results either conceal him really well, or it looks like the active camouflage from Ghost in the Shell or Predator.  I would be something to see for real and do a double take when you notice someone is actually there!

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