Saturday, September 8, 2012

Raid On Kahamba Ebook Promo Is Finished

Hi Everyone!  I maintain this Japanese pop culture blog, but also write science fiction.  In my Exocrisis Blue stories I am building a world that feels like traditional SF but has a mecha anime undertone.  They are action stories and my second story, Raid On Kahamba was just released on September 15.  The free promo is now over after running for a 5 days, so thanks to all the people who downloaded it!
I hope people enjoy this science fiction action story with mecha combat.  I would love to hear comments back from mecha fans or anyone who just enjoyed the story.  I've tried to create a believable world and am introducing key elements that will figure in the the Exocrisis Blue series which is the next thing I'll be writing up.
    Hit the link below to see the direct links to the Kindle store.
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    I had a pretty good free promo run and gave away 280 copies of the book.  Hopefully this will eventually generate some buzz about Exocrisis and these stories I'm writing.  I've received a few reviews at Amazon now and they have been pretty good which makes me happy!

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