Friday, January 25, 2013

Favourite Zombie Games and Cover Shooters For Iphone, Ipod and Ipad

I'm not normally a big fan of zombie movies and games. For movies I really only like the original Dawn of the Dead and missed out on all the new zombie series on TV (even though I hear a few are really good).  However, I've been hooked on a few games with zombies and can say I loved playing them.

I also like a few cover shooters on the Ipad as they don't utilize virtual sticks that I have a really hard time using.  A cover shooter is where you move from side to side, can duck to cover, and aim with your finger on the screen.  I basically never play shooter games with virtual sticks after trying a few.  The Ipad is a pretty good platform for many games and I'll blog again about the other games that chew up my time and keep me from writing Exocrisis Blue, my SF stories.

To kick things off, I've recently bought Zombie Panic in Wonderland and it is both pseudo cover shooter and a zombie game.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland.
This is a well designed shooter with great colourful graphics, a Japanese theme, and a nifty soundtrack of Japanese folk music.  You play a ninja or another fantasy character such as Snow White or Alice and fight your way through a Japanese inspired Wonderland.  You can get the game for free to try at the time of writing.  It plays well, the controls are great and is FUN, but beware of the in app purchase.  If you are going to purchase anything more than the full game for $3.99, then you might look for the $12.99 unlock for everything other than extra lives as it is the best deal.  On the expensive side for an IOS game, but I've spent money on it and am enjoying it.

Zombie Gunship
This game had me hooked for a long time.  You play the gunner on an AC130 Gunship with a 105mm howitzer,  40mm cannon, and a minigun at your disposal.  Your plane orbits around a bunker in the base scenario and you basically blast all the zombies while sparing the humans running for shelter.  Your screen looks like a thermal display with the zombies being dark and the humans showing up as white.  If you've played Call of Duty Modern Warfare and like the gunship sequences then you'll probably like this.  Drag your finger, select weapon, and shoot.  Hit a big crowd of zombies with the artillery! Or save a human fighting with a zombie with a carefully aimed burst of the mini-gun.
Plants Vs Zombies
This is a great little strategy game where you must stop the zombie hordes from attacking you by using plant based weaponry.  Plant the right plants and they will utilize their various abilities against the zombie assault.  Lots of fun and an old classic by now on a bazillion different platforms.

Frontline Commando
This is my favourite cover shooter of all time.  You are the surviving commando that needs to take down a warlord and his various chiefs.  I've actually finished the entire game and only bought $5 worth of gold to do it (they had a gold sale).  You have to be careful about purchasing your weapons and spending your gold which is hard to come by for some of the weapons or ARMOUR!  If save your in game money you can buy some of the more advanced weapons and not need gold.  At one point I couldn't survive long enough without some extra armour against a boss (the only time you need armour BTW) and then I polished off the game.  The controls are good, sniper mode is good, and the weapons selection is fun.

A sci fi cover shooter where you play a robot that has reactivated in a ruined world.  You go on a quest to locate your master and engage many enemies as the story unfolds.  Another great game and the story and graphics are good too.  This is a game I'll keep on my Ipad for a long time.  You also get to upgrade yourself as you pick parts off the enemies you defeat.

Starbase Gunship
This game feels a little like Zombie Gunship, but it obviously isn't.  You defend a starbase from wave after wave of attacking robot drones, fighters, capital ships, and missiles.  Your enemies come from all sides and you are rotating your turret around to engage them with laser, mass driver, vulcan, or missiles.  I prefer the vulcan cannon with a massive powerplant upgrade to provide long long bursts of fire.  Lasers are accurate but not powerful enough.  Don't forget to upgrade your starbase's armour and your weapons too to advance past level 20.  A well designed and fun game.

That's all for now, but even one of these games will keep you occupied for hours and not reading my blog or downloading my ebooks (which I would appreciate too!).


  1. Hi, thanks for including Starbase Gunship in your article! I'm happy to hear you like the game. It took a lot of work to develop so it's always great to hear that people are enjoying it.

    1. The game is fun and challenging. I enjoyed playing it and managed to clear the first set 30 waves. Need to take a break from it, but I love the gas giant background of the second campaign. I wish you the best of luck with your sales and hope others will give your game a try.