Monday, January 21, 2013

Godzilla Comics and Kaiju World Wars Boardgame.

I'm a big Kaiju (Japanese monster movie) fan.  They're not very realistic, but they're fun, especially if they're really cheesy in some cases.  The Big G or Godzilla is the king of these.  While the original Godzilla and Godzilla verses Mothra were some of the best of the old Toho films, I'm kind of fond of Godzilla verses Megalon (very fun), and Destroy All Monsters too.  I'm wondering what the next Godzilla movie is going to be like and am also eagerly awaiting Pacific Rim (with big robots and big monsters).

While I'm counting down to these fabulous new feature films, time can be filled in with some fine products created in North America for the Godzilla fan or JRPG fan if they're not on their computer, console, or handheld gaming device.  Both Godzilla games and Godzilla comics have been made under license over here for awhile and they range from bad to pretty good.

Godzilla Kaiju World Wars Boardgame
This is a fun little board game with some fairly nice production values.  The board, building figures, and monster figurines that come with the game are well done.  There are four monsters in the game: Godzilla, Gidorah, Gigan, and Rodan.  You play a monster stomping a city and whoever collects the most points wins!  The army will try to stop you with their puny tanks.  There are a few problems though as the game rules are a little confused and there are corrections available at boardgamegeek.  Still, a nice board game if you are into playing these.
The box cover
Some of the game components.
The monster miniatures.

Godzilla Comics
There are also plenty of Godzilla comic books available.  Way back in the 1970s there was a series of Marvel Godzilla comics that featured S.H.I.E.L.D. and the heli-carrier verses Godzilla and a many monster threat.  I haven't read that in awhile but I'm going to have to dig the box out of the closet and give it a read through one rainy afternoon.

These days, Dark Horse Comics is giving Big G lots of love and publishing many compiled volumes of Godzilla.  Some of these stories have been pretty good and well worth reading.  One of my favourites has a gigantic, guardian statue take on Godzilla when it threatens its island. The latest was a big three volume set "Godzilla: Kingdom of the Monsters" that had Godzilla rampaging through America and even features Obama as president.  Just pop over to Amazon and give it a search.

The latest set of Godzilla comic compilations
Some of the older comics.

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