Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm Giving Away My Ebook HARM (Mecha Action SF) FREE For a Limited Time!

(Humanoid Assault Reconnaissance Machine)

The free download period is now over.  Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the free download while it lasted.  I've had nothing but good reviews.
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I'm a big anime mecha fan, but I prefer the more realistic mecha anime series such as Full Metal Panic, Code Geass, FLAG, or Gunparade March.  Mecha from Evangelion, Appleseed, and Gundam kind of cross over into realistic but have many elements of the super robot mechas such as the Mazinger, Getter Robo, Gunbuster, Grandaiser, etc.  There are tons more mechas I could mention, but I want to talk about HARM today as it is about mechas of the more realistic variety.

HARM is the title of my first story that happens sixteen years before the main storyline of Exocrisis Blue. It is hard science fiction with an anime bent that I believe most mecha anime fans and military SF fans would enjoy.  I have received good reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads which is a great thing for an indie author.  There is also a loose sequel to HARM titled Exocrisis Blue: Raid on Kahamba that has more mecha action of the same caliber.  Currently, I am writing Exocrisis Blue: Neo-Ace, a short novel that will continue building the future history of Exocrisis Blue with more political intrigue, mecha technology advances, and exciting combat action.  So stay tuned and try my books on Amazon!  I appreciate your support if you purchase a copy as it is a strong vote of confidence.

In HARM, mankind is fighting a desperate action to keep the invading aliens at bay to keep from being exterminated.  This stand-alone story (approximately 9400 words or 30+ paperback pages) is all about future robotic warfare with intense mech verses mech battles.  All the weapons of the near future battlefield are utilized from autonomous battlefield robots, main battle tanks, powered infantry in exoskeleton battlesuits to unmanned drones. HARM is about the first combat use of a giant, humanoid robot, fighting machine against the invaders.  Can these new humanoid weapons turn the tide of the war?

You may also visit my HARM entry at my author's blog page here.

A brief excerpt from HARM
... Readying his coil-gun he aimed past the silo to where the first spider-mech would appear.  Safety off.  Coil-gun in single mode, he thought.  “Safety off. Single mode, acknowledged,” replied the AI.  Single shot mode was the most powerful mode for the gun, but it would take 10 seconds before the capacitors would recharge for the next shot.

He was nervous, his hands felt a little damp, but he remained steady.  The front of the first mech appeared and he waited until a third of it entered his line of sight.  He sighted on the center of mass in front and below it’s primary gun, the targeting programs automatically adjusting for range and other parameters.  A squeeze of the virtual trigger in his right hand caused the coil-gun to kick back.  One hypersonic, depleted uranium penetrator fired out of the coil-gun with a loud bang.  A moment later, the slug hit with devastating power.  The full power shot punched clean through the side of the spider-mech in a small explosion, with most of the kinetic energy from the projectile focused on a tiny surface of armour that was blasted apart.  Inside the mech, the penetrator and spalled pieces of armour ricocheted through machinery, interior walls, bodies, and the main power plant.  All the stored energy inside the power plant instantaneously burst out and the resulting explosion tore the mech in two. 

“Target destroyed,” the AI called out...

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