Friday, April 19, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness and A Great Set of 2013 SF Movies

This is a good year to be alive to see all of the great science fiction flicks coming out. This isn't going to be the most intellectual film produced, but it'll be fun.  Oblivion is already out and I'll probably catch it on Bluray despite the reviews.
  1. Star Trek Into Darkness is looking like it is going to be quite a showdown between Kirk and Khan?  I'm amongst the fans who thought the first movie was a great reboot that captured the essence of the main characters, so I'm breathlessly waiting for this one! 
  2. Leading up to the movie release, the new Star Trek videogame is coming out and it is Kirk versus the Gorn's again.  The Gorns are looking badder than ever and they have multiple Gorn castes or subspecies it looks like.  Some of the pre-release buzz around the game makes it sound pretty good, but we'll see when it releases next week.  Best of all, for the game there is a really good trailer that stars William Shatner and the Gorn.  The trailer is hilarious if you've seen the original episode.  
  3. I also previously blogged about the giant mecha / robot movie Pacific Rim earlier and I'm hoping this is going to be a blockbuster hit! Big robots versus giant monsters done with really good CG. Here's hoping to great characters too!
  4. The Elysium movie is also coming this summer.  This is where the elite have left the devastated surface of the earth and live in a high-tech space station now.  One man scratching out a living on the ruined earth needs to get at the advanced medical technology in Elysium and has to take on the system to get it.  This is from the director of District 9 and it looks pretty good from the trailers.
  5. This Superman reboot looks like it could be pretty good too.  I like the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeve a lot so this has a pretty high bar to jump.
  6. Iron Man 3 is coming!  Who doesn't like the old Ironman armour.  Even Disney now has their first Marvel themed attraction at Disneyland where you get to see the Iron Man Armour Room!  This movie has a lot to follow up on after the Avengers last year and lets hope it's a good one.  Best of all, I hear Pepper Pots gets to don the old armour too to save her beloved.
  7. In the fall, I'm looking forward to the movie adaptation of Ender's Game.  This should be a pretty good sci fi movie about the Battle School.  Just have to read the novel now.
  8. Finally, another comic book movie.  Wolverine.  He gets to become mortal again and travels to Japan to get it.  Samurai / ninjas versus Wolverine's adamantium claws!  This should be a good one.

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