Sunday, June 30, 2013

Evangelion Wafer Cookies, Japanese Gummies, and Doraemon Food Rement Models

I'm still writing away at my science fiction novel Neo-Ace Academy which is the main storyline for Exocrisis Blue, my mecha SF series.  Pretty tough to do while working a regular day job, but I do take time out to have snacks!

Evangelion Wafer Cookies - Young Ace Cover Illustrations
The cookies are pretty standard, but they are crispy chocolate goodness.  Not too sweet, but satisfying.  The box they came in along with the packaging was pretty darn nice and the plastic trading cards inside are very nice cover illustrations from the manga magazine.
Evangelion Wafer Cookies - Young Ace Cover Illustrations Box
You get 20 packets in a box.
The packets each contain one card and one cookie.  You take one a day just like a multi-vitamin to get that Evangelion fix.

Doraemon Food Models by Rement
These tiny little food models are always so detailed for their size.  This particular set is all about Doraemon (Ding Dong) the adorable time travelling cat / alien that is beloved through Asia.  This Japanese series was also being celebrated while I was visiting Tokyo earlier this year.  This set of food models has Doraemon curry, bento, ramen, cake, etc.  It is pretty darn cute and a nice addition to anyone's collection of food models.  There are 8 boxes inside the big box shown below.  They are blind boxes so you don't know which one you are getting, but generally you should have one complete set per big box.
Doraemon Box

Japanese Snacks / Ramen Loadup
I loaded up on instant ramen for a bit along with a bunch of other snacks for a bit.  The red and green packets of instant ramen are from Taiwan and are "healthier" as they are dried and not deep fried.  Lots of crackers and candy here.  Of interest are these very tasty gum and gummies in the photo below.  The gums are very fruity in flavour and the plum gum was very nice and tart with fruit flavour.  The sour grape gummies were tasty too.  Fruit flavours tend to be very intense and fruity, but not artificial tasting over in Asia.
Snacks and Ramen
Two kinds of gum, including Kirby!  and Grape gummies that are flat like fettuccine.

Limited Edition Doritos
Got these down at the 7-11 when I went to get a slurpee.  Not Japanese, but it is different.  They had limited edition flavours for Pepperjack, and Pizza.  Both were pretty good.

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