Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nissin Cup Noodle Shio Ramen and Big Cup Chicken Ramen with Summer Curry Tomato

I have a few new flavours of instant ramen this week.  These are mainly summer specials so they may not be available come fall and winter.
Cup Noodle Shio Ramen
Shio or Sio means salt.  This cup of noodle is based on a salt flavoured broth that is thinner than many of the other Nissin soup bases for their ramen, but full of flavour.  It contains a bit of olive oil, ground basil, garlic, and a chicken based stock if I'm correct.  The flavour is salty, strong, and good.  Big ingredients include big chunks of chicken and potato, egg, green beans, red pepper and possibly a bit of carrot.  It is a nice change from the curry or more soy based broths.

Nice big chunks of potato, egg, and chicken in it!

Chicken Ramen Big Cup Summer Curry Tomato
This was a really nice cup of instant noodles, and in a bigger size.  It is a summer noodle release from Nissin and I really enjoyed it.  There is a rich "original chicken ramen" stock flavour underneath a tomatoey broth.  Veggies include zuchini, green beans, red pepper and corn.  The chicken flavour is different from the Sio Ramen I reviewed above, and there were also pieces of pork in this one.  The combination of flavours was something that I was skeptical of, but it worked well on the taste buds.

I think the little chick mascot with the basket of summer veggies is pretty cool.
Zucchini Pieces!

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